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Each level of English contains the free download of your book. Articles related to the language and some social networks are also included. Learn more about the project on this link. Like my group on Facebook to receive updates on your wall. Examples 3.8 - Second conditional in English. English and its difficulties, opportunities and means of support 5 Reasons why teaching English is a rewarding career Why in English is a single question mark used at the end? Music helps you learn English. Essay: Part 1 My personal experience when learning English. Essay: Part 2 The student-level advantages of learning English. Essay: Part 3 Why is it important to learn English? Essay: Part 5 Fear of bad pronunciation when learning English. Essay: Part 6 Important tips to learn English. My best wishes professionally and personally. I thank God for placing in your heart the desire to share what he knows with his fellows. I love videos:) I never thought I would find material as well crafted as his. This course will help you solve your basic questions. Comments like yours encourage me to continue with the project. Do not forget to share with your friends that you consider what they need. I congratulate you for your great help. Everything is here is very complete the course I recommend it. One doubt, will you still publish the advanced level? ReplyEliminarkarsten hack13 December 2016, 09: 43 Hello Alberto, a question on which date will the advanced English course be available? ReplyEliminarkarsten hack13 December 2016, 09: 45Hello Alberto a question on what date the advanced English course will be available?? He is really doing a great job of good. Hopefully all who come to this course know how to value such a great job. good morning I loved all the information of the courses I would like to study the advanced course for when it will be ready. The published information is brief, technically good and comprehensive for all levels. I found a course with great technical content and well condensed. iGeek uses cookies to show relevant ads, you accept their use by continuing browsing. Digi_guru theme images.

About Calls Module 2. Texts and worldviews M5. Class forum: What can I find in a speech? Discussion forum: Stylistic resources. Check the support material that will help you with your tasks. Book The battles in the desert, here. Discussion forum: Write someone else. Below you will find the activities you will do during the week and support material to achieve good results in your tasks. Integrating activities Integrating activity 3. Theater Work file Inclusive activity 4. Leave a comment Updated for Generation 8. Texts and worldviews, we will continue with Unit 1. The text as a creative and communicative manifestation of the human being. Integrative activities of Week 2 Integrative activity 3. Forums Class forum: A text in two versions. Objective: Identify 5 differences between a book and a movie. Discussion forum: The lives of the authors. Objective: Reflect on what inspires authors to write their works. Synchronous session Tuesday November 1 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. I explain how the activities are done. Review the video and lean on what I share to accomplish your tasks. 1 comment Last week of Module 3. Language in the relationship between man and the world. Social practices and forms of citizen participation. Objective: You will perform an essay at least 3 pages. You will expound your position on the consequences that a natural phenomenon leaves. Forums Class forum: What can I find in a speech?. Discussion forum: My commitments to the community. Synchronous session Tuesday, October 11 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. I explain how the activities are done. Review the video and lean on what I share to accomplish your tasks. Objective: you will identify the causes and consequences of various war conflicts that occurred during and after the Cold War. Leave a comment -Project integrator. You will write an essay on the subject: Social and cultural consequences of a natural phenomenon. Download the work file here. Save notes, links, documents online.

Articles on Information Technology from the administration. For a couple of years now, new suppliers have appeared that have made me study the phenomenon a bit. On the occasion of this blog, I have been encouraged to make a small essay on this technology that I sincerely believe is very promising. The issue is that I have been several weeks with this article and I wanted to risk publishing it knowing that I am not an expert and that the document is a bit green. My conclusions are very positive and I sincerely believe that it is a revolution, I bet on it completely but I am aware of the difficulties involved in adapting little by little to this technology. I sincerely think that over the years this technology will prevail in the current software developments. It will be slow and gradual but the benefits, specifically in cost, its flexibility and scalability and the complete delegation of the functioning of the systems as its big weapons. Here I leave the document, I also leave it below embedded in this article. I await your comments to help me develop. Grammatical and semantic corrections have also been made. This seems like an exciting topic. First, give an example of how some local administrations are already taking steps like the ones you propose. Although there are doubts about how it will work in the long term. Especially from the point of view of security. We will see! My second comment is really a question: does any type of regulation exist in Spain regarding the physical location of confidential information of the public administration? Let's say that the one Local Administration decides to deploy a management application in the cloud. Google does not guarantee that the data of your application resides in your country. I wonder what is the situation in Spain. To finish, recommend a book. Thank you for your comments. The article from Los Angeles is very interesting. I will try to add this to the article shortly. I write the book.

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