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Next, the causes, consequences, and probable solutions for its correct operation are analyzed. The annual budget of Siresol is 166 million pesos, and we all have a hard time not recycling, not reducing and not having better collection practices. By not reducing this liability, garbage collection is at risk, as we have seen in recent months. What is sin in an administration is the diversion of resources and not having liabilities as long as resources have been applied correctly. And it is that at the beginning of 2004 it was spoken for the first time of separating garbage by law. And here is a big problem, because in a country lacking in education, and means to promote a culture based on the protection and care of the environment we find a hard resistance and little social opening. The years have passed and we have observed that the trucks remain the same, broken, lacking and deficient, without the mechanism or containers for an efficient differentiated collection. In my opinion, many more years could pass and the law could remain asleep and let the administrators of the resources keep thinking about it, if the trucks can not, the people can. If we do not separate the garbage it will be very difficult to reduce its volumes and its environmental impact, and also, ambiguously, we lose all. Problem of garbage collection in a municipality of Mexico. Problem of garbage collection in a municipality of Mexico. Copy Text copied to the clipboard!

Family members went to request funeral services. It was necessary to go to a specialist and he was the one who found a microorganism that caused the disease. All cans are their noble function of vases on the tombs. The crashed cars are considered junk and we proceed to give them that treatment by sending them to the smelter to take advantage of the steel. In the United States it is also common practice that crashed or old cars are sent to the Mexican border and sold there. Those of us who do not enjoy great economic solvency need to take advantage of everything possible. Most obsolete technology is much more polluting than modern technology.

It is essential that this profession seeks to establish the importance and responsibility that has, both companies and society in general. I will approach the topic in a generic way to understand the how? Organizations must develop productive processes that are integrated into the life cycle of the product and the nature cycle to reduce the impact on land in its lowest expression. If you want to be competitive, the option is to adopt policies that lead the economic entity towards strategies and the perpetual change of business systems around the world. The figures indicate that in Colombia approximately 40,000 tons of solid waste are generated per day. Likewise, not recycling impacts not only the environment, but also generates an increase in costs in energy, raw materials and productivity. For example, recycling a ton of paper avoids cutting down 17 trees. Through Recycling, buying products that generate less waste and composting compost. The incentives of the industries would be to design a model that takes advantage of the monetary incentives of companies where they reduce pollution. An incentive could be to relate the taxes on the property of a company with its environmental performance. The design of Environmental Policies, or programs that obtain the maximum improvement in environmental quality according to the resources spent. Economists analyze whether these policies are cost effective, if they get the maximum possible reduction in pollution according to the money invested. It has compulsory and quantified objectives of limitation and reduction of greenhouse gases. This standard is focused on any organization of any size or sector that is looking to reduce the impacts of the environment and comply with environmental legislation. Livestock occupies about 38% of the total area of ​​the country, an area that has expanded from 14.6 million hectares to 38 million in the last 50 years, mostly at the expense of tropical forests and humid areas. Nearly 66% of the lands dedicated to livestock in Colombia present degradation states. This adds to the 14% that contributes to land use, land use change and forestry. They propitiate the floods and avalanches that the country experiences every rainy season. It is inconceivable that the pillar of development for the country is the mining sector. It is an eternal contradiction for the race to reach the development of the nation. Colombian planning is based on agroindustry processes such as monoculture. African palm harms biodiversity and hydrography because the root of the plant is extensive and needs more land as it grows. The case of Catatumbo is visible when 3000 hectares are planted for the next 10 years, currently 10,000 hectares are used. The mining concessions granted to gauge and mocha demonstrate the obsessive political will to sell the country. An obvious effect is the extraction of gold in the Chocó. The current situation in Colombia and the regions is tragic. Starting from that sentence, it is inferred that the solution to the problem of contamination lies in the individual and political will to better understand nature. The dematerialization of production and the responsibility of the producer, the consumer and the State are the future and the only way out to avoid extinction. Not everything is lost, but the commitment of the whole "world" is needed.

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