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An essay in a word processor document, where you describe the social and cultural consequences of a natural phenomenon that you have researched. Although the essay is a complex text, for this integrative project you will only develop the points outlined in the following table: 1. Use various sources and research information about the natural phenomenon you selected, consider the following: a) When and how this phenomenon happened in Mexico. b) What were the social and cultural consequences of this phenomenon. c) What was your position on natural phenomena before what you have been studying during this module and what is your position now? Make an essay, integrate only the points underlined in the initial table and follow the steps of writing: 4. In addition to the damage to economic activity or social aspect. The hurricane is the most severe of the meteorological phenomena known as tropical cyclones. These are low pressure systems with rainy and electric activity whose winds rotate anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere. A tropical cyclone with winds less than or equal to 62 km / h is named tropical depression. When the winds reach speeds of 63 to 117 km / h, it is called a tropical storm and when it exceeds 118 km / h, the tropical storm becomes a hurricane. As a result, several events were recorded between August 23 and 29, 2005. The city is isolated, flooded 80% by several meters of water and without electricity supply in the heat and humidity suffocating. The police distributed reinforcements between rescuing people from the interior of buildings and roofs and controlling numerous acts of looting, as there began to be theft of premises in the downtown area. Three months after the catastrophe it was admitted that the deaths exceeded 1,300 but suicides and deaths due to stress as a result of forced uprooting and losses, will remain undetermined. On August 26, the state of Mississippi launched its national guard in preparation for landing the storm, as well as the state government active its emergency operations center the next day and local governments began issuing evacuation orders. On the other hand, 57 emergency shelters were established in the coastal communities. From that tragic event the government implemented better security measures just as people take more precautions in case of another event like that. On August 30, the recovery begins with humanitarian and rescue actions. Today I recommend staying informed on the development and warnings of storms and hurricanes, as well as verify that your home is completely safe, and if not, go to the nearest shelter or ask for support from relatives or neighbors to protect you. In the final departure of your house to evacuate, do not forget to bring enough clothes and your valuables, some provisions, as well as your personal documents. Remember to cooperate with the competent authorities. After reaching Category 5, the storm weakened before making landfall for the second time as a category 3 hurricane on August 29 in southeastern Louisiana. The highest number of deaths occurred in New Orleans, which was flooded because its levee system failed, many of them collapsing several hours after the hurricane had continued inland. Webgraphy better work Communication Module 1. Participation in class, debate and general forums. Be a regular student, formally enrolled. Participation in class, debate and general forums. Participation in class, debate and general forums. Integrative Activity: How are they? Be a regular student, formally enrolled. Use this blog only as an example and support, do not forget to place your research sources in your tasks. This site was created with the purpose of informing, all contents belong to its creators.

It should be noted that corn is produced mainly for family consumption. In the beekeeping activity the total loss of 52,149 hives was registered, although it can be said that the total was seriously damaged. Countless towns and ranches remained incommunicado for several weeks. Entire localities of the Southern Cone, remained buried under the water for more than a month. There is enough to be done about it. The tasks of rescue and humanitarian response, damage assessment, reconstruction and rehabilitation are part of the solution, but prevention is also required to reduce the occurrence of future disasters. As well as promoting research in order to give concrete answers to the problems generated by the repercussions of a hurricane. Now I have the necessary knowledge to inform and present my activities in online high school, even more so if it is related to a natural phenomenon. Undoubtedly the big difference is having the necessary information, online prepares gives us the tools to carry out our activities and to present it in the best possible way. The best way to report an event or natural disaster is by gathering all the information that is required to transmit to our community with all the necessary formats for their good understanding.

Theology is once again a scientific discourse that contributes as an objective ecclesial service to the reconstruction of the worldviews of society. Minimum extension of five pages and maximum of ten pages. All information will have to be referred to its source, otherwise it can be considered a fraud, or a dishonest academic attitude, with implications that the teacher or the Coordination will stipulate according to each case. But you can be sure that the subject will not be approved. Having to recursarla with more rigor, and pay it economically, more format information in the Rules. The essay, mainly, seeks that students exercise their sense of critical theological opinion. It is advisable that at the end it is sent to the teacher, together with the solved exam guide and the final exam request. Knowing that the approval of a course, a subject or the obtaining of a degree does not make any sense in university life if there is a lack of learning and the exercise of research. Essay body or development. Appendices, appendices or glossaries. Bibliography Cover The typographical rules describe the elements that are on the cover of the essay. Introduction Here, the subject and the problem to be dealt with throughout the essay are clearly explained. The reader is informed, more widely, what the essay is about. It is about persuading the reader that the research is valuable. It says what is the fundamental problem raised in the investigation. What is the general objective pursued and what is the hypothetical approach itself or hypothesis. The reader is informed about the theoretical perspective that has been adopted to address the study topic or the phenomenon to be studied. The same is the theological methodology to be followed. Essay body or development In development, the central idea that one wants to sustain based on a series of arguments is clearly stated. It is an argument based on the literature that has been studied. The above is not separately, but all in a coherent discourse or writing. Demonstrating the central idea means that essay writing does not consist only in reproducing existing knowledge but rather in producing more knowledge. It allows a synthesis of what has been said and sustained but as a unit of meaning rather than as a summary of what has been said. You can consider the relevance of investigating some part of what has been developed in the subject, and propose to develop new knowledge from the study carried out. No investigation is completely complete. Always, although all research It's supposed to be exhaustive, things are left out. Therefore, it is appropriate to point out the deficiencies themselves and the importance of continuing to produce knowledge in this regard. Bibliography It lists all the sources used, each source listed should at least appear once referenced in the development of the work. The way of quoting is stated in the typographical rules. 2) Some suggestions on how to produce knowledge with the essay or monograph The points described here do not appear explicitly in the essay, but implicitly. It is the internal structure, the method used to make the test. None of these steps should be titled in the sections of the essay. However, it is often seen that some trials explicitly show a part called objectives. It is in the introduction that the research problem, the objectives, the hypothesis and the theoretical perspective are made explicit. Some suggestions to perform the test are the following: Preparation of a preliminary scheme. Preparation of information sheets. Choose and define the topic Choose a topic should always be in their own interest, never by imposition. The advisor can suggest the student, or the student can ask the advisor for advice on the topic to choose. Data collection After having the subject delimited, the material that will allow the test to be performed must be selected. Regarding the documentation found on the internet, always give the specific address of the document. You have to be very careful with the large amount of junk and theological frivolities existing in the network. Once you have the works that deal with the selected topic, we proceed to review them quickly. Other materials can be useful in the construction of knowledge, such as movies and documentaries. Approach of a problem The approach of a research problem is very important within the realization of an essay. The problem posed is a beacon that guides the reading process focused on answering the question that one has posed. A research problem can be posed in two ways: by means of a question or by means of a clear and concise description. The problem must respond specifically to the delimited topic. A form of approach to the approach of a research problem begins at the same moment that the selected literature is reviewed. From the reading arise questions. The problem posed must accurately reflect the subject matter and in some way have an empirical verification. But since the issue here is documentary or theoretical, the problem posed must allow the production of knowledge and the discussion between different theories or theses. Preparation of a preliminary scheme The quick reading of the sources or selected bibliography allows knowing what will be included and what will not be included in the trial. The preliminary scheme allows: a) A global picture of the subject that we are going to develop. b) A permanent guide to the selection of data or information. c) A starting point for the final structure of the trial. With the first reading or quick glance a provisional outline can be elaborated, either in written drafts, or at a mental level, which will be refined little by little as the investigation progresses. The importance of a provisional scheme is that it can become the basis of the final index. Hypothesis and objectives The trial requires objectives, both general and specific. It also requires the formulation of hypotheses. A general objective expresses with clarity, precision and without contradiction a goal or fundamental goal to be achieved through research. The specific objectives, on the other hand, constitute a unit and each one of them must respond to the general objective. It is a founded assumption or a preliminary response on the subject investigated. Its foundation rests on the preliminary inquiry made of the sources selected and consulted and has an explanatory value of the problem to be investigated. Theoretical perspective There are those who talk about a theoretical framework. It is the point of view that is adopted to analyze the problem or phenomenon of reality. The assumed perspective can be its own -which demands a great research and general knowledge that allow establishing a unity of meaning-. Or else, they are taken as perspectives of some analysis or some existing theories that allow to critically approach a phenomenon of reality. The research will be supported by some theory that somehow helps explain the problem that is addressed objectively. The adoption of a theoretical perspective, enriches the production of thought by allowing objectively analyze a problem allowing conclusions to be reached with theoretical support. Writing an essay is developing an idea. Developing an idea requires arguments. And the arguments require reading to have a bibliographic foundation, which in turn provides the academic validity of the essay, however, an argument can be developed with the student's own creativity. Some points to keep in mind when developing an idea are the following: - Know enough about a topic. This idea will be based on reasoning and supported by evidence, which comes from bibliographic or other sources. Each idea must logically lead to the other. By way of conclusion Having an idea and developing it requires good arguments, and the arguments in the academic work are obtained from reading specialized sources. There is in the essay writing a certain technique or method that allows it to be carried out.

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