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It should be noted that corn is produced mainly for family consumption. In the beekeeping activity the total loss of 52,149 hives was registered, although it can be said that the total was seriously damaged. Countless towns and ranches remained incommunicado for several weeks. Entire localities of the Southern Cone, remained buried under the water for more than a month. There is enough to be done about it. The tasks of rescue and humanitarian response, damage assessment, reconstruction and rehabilitation are part of the solution, but prevention is also required to reduce the occurrence of future disasters. As well as promoting research in order to give concrete answers to the problems generated by the repercussions of a hurricane. Now I have the necessary knowledge to inform and present my activities in online high school, even more so if it is related to a natural phenomenon. Undoubtedly the big difference is having the necessary information, online prepares gives us the tools to carry out our activities and to present it in the best possible way. The best way to report an event or natural disaster is by gathering all the information that is required to transmit to our community with all the necessary formats for their good understanding.

skip to main | skip to sidebar A broad investigation of beauty and how it affects our lives During my first year as a university student, I enrolled in a sociology class. In this class I learned a lot about human beings and their interactions in the world and with other humans. A section of this class was about the idea of ​​beauty and the role it plays in our lives. I only studied a little about this topic but it fascinated me. Therefore, I want to learn more about sociology, specifically in relation to the idea of ​​human beauty because it affects us every day. I will explore some of these topics in the essays. In researching these subtopics of beauty I will look for sources in Spanish. Therefore, I will find information that has a Hispanic perspective. This will affect what I find because the sources will show the definition and the ideas of beauty that they have in Latin America and Spain. It is important to keep in mind that the resources are going to be from this perspective. In the second essay I will write about the history of beauty. Many sources have information on this topic. I will compare the information and comment on the different ideas about the evolution of the idea of ​​beauty. For the exhibition I will present a comparison and contrast essay on the idea and importance of beauty in a variety of different cultures. Because of the mass media today we are surrounded by the 'importance' of being beautiful. As a result, many people have a definite definition of beauty and believe that a beautiful person has certain fixed physical characteristics. But, in reality, most people do not have all those characteristics. In free essay I want to investigate real beauty, which makes up real beauty, and where it can be found in our world that is full of lies. In addition, advertising agencies use the concept of beauty in their ads and often represent people in unrealistic ways. That is why some people have a false idea of ​​beauty and try to be as "beautiful" as the people presented in the advertisements. The theme of beauty has meaning in our lives because there are representations of beauty everywhere. The idea of ​​beauty is part of the advertising industry, fashion, television, movies and beauty products. As a result of that, we ask ourselves, is beauty still in the eyes of who is looking at it or is it what the media presents to us? and the representations of beauty that we see Have they distorted our ideas of beauty every day? If it's true, have they changed them for good or for bad? These questions should make us stop and think about the representation of beauty in our world. This week was dedicated the importance of knowing the diseases of eating, such as anorexia. That's why, in my nurture class, we learned about how beauty had changed over the past years. But today, a very thin body is the same as beauty. Your exploration of this subject should be very interesting because we are formed by the ideas of society. However, it seems to me that many people only think about the perceptions of beauty in society in women, but they also affect men a lot. There are ideals of the perfect man who is not hyper-masculine, but is not too feminine either. The part of your essay that interests me the most is the part where you describe your free essay and you want to investigate "real" beauty. I think this subtopic is going to be very interesting, and as you said, it will be very important that you remember your American perspective among your Spanish investigations. But I am excited to read this essay because it reveals your idea of ​​real beauty and what other aspects of beauty you care about. You say that you are going to investigate about "the history of the creation of the idea of ​​beauty..." I think that this is going to be interesting but at the same time difficult to investigate. I'm interested in what you find about beauty history. In your comparison and contrast test, which countries are you going to compare? I must use the differences of the aspects of beauty for a comperacion and contrast of the United States and a Spanish-speaking country. Many people have a different point of view that is "real" beauty. Will you study beauty in a psychological sense? I think the idea of ​​beauty in different countries is interesting, because ideas of beauty change with cultures and values. Here you will find my essays on the subject of beauty.

Before reaching that moment, let's review what happened in this grand finale. Ana Patricia chose the same choreography for the grand finale. Ana Patricia opened the night and did it with the samba that Dayanara danced in the eighth gala. As we remember, that was the dance with which Victoria almost fell to the ground. The judges were pleased and indeed applauded his boldness in choosing this dance. As expected, the Puerto Rican made it incredible and both the public and the judges gave her a standing ovation. It was more than clear that he did better than Alejandro. Uniting these two greats was a true luxury. The stars danced a second time to the delight of all. Dayanara danced an adage with the song 'Hello' by Adele. Ana Patricia took second place and well, as many expected, Dayanara turned out to be the new queen of the dance floor.

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