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Aires de Libertadwww.airesdelibertad.com You are not connected. and every time I mention the word Essay, I think of Goethe, but when I write, I forget him so as not to be embarrassed... and at the same time I envy him for having had a protective Prince. who gave him money, house and pleasures. How much I would have liked that prince, even if it was not such, but simple protector. But in South America, we have to fight with our own means, even if we live among socialists, who know only how to protect themselves. Yesterday he asked me another question, What is friendship? I think the less I know her, the more I'll love her. Woman is life, of which I spoke something before. It's not important I just want to try those grapes that nectar dilettante. More I do not know if I can, deserve such distinction... remarkable. If I start thinking, I end up thinking nothing and falling into pessimism... for what? It is difficult to live, "to live", to love "conamar".... a friend sociologist told me, they are opaque californicados. There are several ways to say I love you, I love you. But I have discovered that I can share it and turn it into dialogue, with a special woman, with the capacity to listen and ask without interrupting and breaking ideas. And bringing subjects, with an immense smile on his lips, that makes me fall from the cloud. forgive the can of my writing, but I have the habit of wandering inside myself. This may be good for me but difficult for others.

Learn the basics and you can make your personal writing stand out. Writing about yourself can be difficult because you have a lot to say. Whatever type of writing you plan to do or the purpose of your work, just imagine that you will present yourself to a stranger. Answer questions like: Who are you? 2 Start with a short list of your talents and interests. If you are not sure what points to choose to start or if you are only allowed to choose one for your work, list as many as possible and provide details that help you decide. Answer the questions from the previous step, then summarize as many different answers as possible. Choose a specific theme, describe it in detail and use it to introduce yourself. It is better to choose a topic and use it to describe yourself with many details instead of giving someone a long list of general topics. When you have a defined theme, describe it specifically, provide something unique that captures the interest of the reader. Remember that you are going to talk about yourself. Ideal: "In my childhood, I watched football championships with my dad and brothers every weekend before going out to play a little football, even if you feel very accomplished, be talented or phenomenal, you should give the impression of being a person with your feet on the ground Do not write about yourself to show off 1 Think of an excellent story to tell Personal essays are mostly used for college admissions and homework assignments, basically in this type of homework, you have to tell a story about yourself, using specific real life details that highlight a particular theme or idea throughout the essay.Some themes or common indications for writing autobiographical essays are overcoming obstacles, great successes or spectacular failures and the times you have learned something about yourself.2 Stay focused on a single topic or purpose.Unlike a cover letter, a self-test Biographical should not move quickly from one topic to another just to make you look good, but rather stay focused on a single event or topic that is a matter of interest. Depending on the task, it may be necessary to link a personal anecdote to a reading or idea discussed in class. Start by contributing topics that are related to that idea to give you a variety of options to choose from. 3 Write about complex issues, not trite. The essay does not necessarily have to make you look good. When you think about topics for write, consider your successes and successes, but also think about the aspects of your life that you could improve. For example, the time you forgot to pick up your sister from her practice while you were partying with your friends or the time you missed class and got caught could also be excellent rehearsals. Some of the most common threads of autobiographical essays are sports stories, missionary journeys and dead grandmothers. Although these can be excellent rehearsals if you do them well, it is difficult to highlight telling the story of the time when your soccer team lost a great game, then practiced hard and won. 4 Limit the timeline as much as you can. It is almost impossible to write a good 5 page essay about your whole life until your 14th birthday. Even a topic like "my last school year" is too complex to carry out a good essay. Choose an event that lasted no more than a day or a few days at most. If you want to tell the story of your unpleasant love breakup, start with the breakup, not with the way you met your ex-partner. You have to immediately reach the tension in the story. These types of trials are better the less you include them. If you want to write a good essay of nonfiction, it should be full of vivid details and specific images and sensations. When you have some idea of ​​your topic, remember and start writing specific things that you remember about that event. Your first paragraph will set the tone of the rest of the essay. 6 Start in the middle of the story. Do not worry about having to develop suspense in an autobiographical essay. If you want to tell the story about the time you accidentally ruined the Christmas Eve dinner, start with the turkey on fire, the charred potatoes and the rest of your mistakes, do not gradually progress until the events are finalized at the end. 7 Match the details with the larger topic. At least once per page, you must have a kind of thread that leads to the main theme or focus of your essay. Depending on the nature of the application, it may be necessary to write your willingness to complete the job, your skills or other specific criteria. Some possible indications could be: Summarize your skills and highlight your talents in a cover letter. In a cover letter, you should describe how your education and experience make you the right person for the position. Explain how this opportunity will benefit your professional goals. 2 Adapt the style to the purpose. Different employers and situations will require different styles and tones in a cover letter. If you are going to apply to a university, it is always better to use a professional and academic tone throughout the entire letter. If you apply for a blog post from a technology startup company that says "Explain three things in which you are excellent," it is probably best to use a more informal writing style. In case of doubt, try to be brief and serious. If you're not sure if telling a funny anecdote about your friend's bachelor party would fit well in a cover letter, it's probably best to exclude it. 3 Describe the reason for your writing in the first paragraph. The first two sentences should clearly explain the purpose of your cover letter and your request. If the reader of your cover letter has doubts about what you want, he will immediately reject your request. I consider that my experience and training make me the ideal candidate for this position. "Your name will appear in the signature and the cover letter header, so it is not necessary to include it in the text 4 Structure the cover letter as a cause and Effect: A cover letter should explain to the potential employer or the admission board why you are the ideal candidate for the position or why you should be admitted to the university or program to which you apply. To do this, you must make sure that each cover letter describes the benefits you are going to bring and how it will help meet the ambitions of both parties. Make sure all cover letters clearly describe the following details: Who you are and where you come from. How this opportunity will help you achieve those aspirations. 5 Specifically detail your talents and abilities. It is good to write that you are "a passionate leader in all areas of life," but it would be much better to write about an example of an occasion where you have exercised surprising leadership. Stay focused on the skills and talents that relate specifically to the position to which you apply. Extracurricular participation, leadership roles, and other types of outstanding accomplishments may be important to you personally and could tell the reader about you, but they may also seem out of place. If you include something, be sure to link it specifically to the purpose of the cover letter. 6 Describe your goals and ambitions. Both admission boards and employers are more interested in people with personal ambitions and entrepreneurs who are motivated to reach a high level. Describe what you want and how that position will help you achieve that goal. If you write a cover letter for a university, you will obviously need a degree to get a job as a doctor. 7 Explain how both parties will benefit from your choice. Your readers will be interested to know what is at stake for both parties. Be careful with using a cover letter to criticize a company. It is not the time to describe the suffering of a particular brand during the previous accounting quarter and to promise that you can revert that situation with your ideas. That might not be well seen in the office and neither can you, in the case of getting the job. 8 Do not confuse the cover letter with the curriculum. While it is important to list your best skills, a cover letter is not the place to list the details of your education or other information that corresponds to the curriculum. Since most places will ask for both documents, make sure that the curriculum and the cover letter contain different information. Even if it is impressive, a high grade point average or a high position within your promotion does not belong in a cover letter. Highlight it on your resume, but do not include it in two different places on the application. The ideal cover letters should not be more than 1 or 2 pages, they should have a simple spacing, or between 300 and 500 words. Certain places may require more extensive letters, but it is rare that the letters of presentation should exceed this extension. 10 Set the format of the letter. The cover letters are usually simple spaced and the words are written with a normal and readable font such as Times or Garamond. Brief biographical notes on the back cover are common in work directories, brochures and other materials. You may be asked to give one of these notes for a number of reasons. In general, they are brief and it can be a little complicated to write them. Imagine that you are going to write about another person. Make sure to clarify your specific function and specialty, considering the purpose of the biographical note. Describe what you do and why things people know you. If you know everything a little, say it. 3 Briefly list your responsibilities or achievements. If you are a frequent winner of awards and distinctions, a biographical note is a good opportunity to mention and boast about you. Try to keep your biographical note centered on your recent history. It is also common to list titles and diplomas that you have received, paying special attention to anyone who is linked to the work on which you are going to write. If you have special training, include it. 4 Include a bit of your personal life. The biographical notes do not have to be cold. It is common to conclude with a small personal detail that encourages a bit the biographical note. Do not count more than necessary. This type of biographical note may be appropriate for some places, but be careful to tell inopportune things. Maybe it's better to keep the story about your killer hangover for conversations after work. In general, this type of biographical notes are not more than a few sentences. They will usually include them on a contributor's page or a list of other employees and you will not want yours to stand out as the person who bored everyone with a half page, when everyone else used some sentences. Stephen King, one of the most successful and popular authors in recent history, has a biographical note that only mentions the names of his family members, his hometown and his pets. Consider omitting completely the self-praise. If you find it difficult to write about yourself, look online for examples of personal essays in order to get some ideas and inspiration. If you continue to use our site, you will be accepting our cookies policy.

It is an essay addressed to all those who write or wish to do so. I hope it helps them and they like it. About me I have not told anyone yet that I'm trying to write. When you tell someone something like that, they do not usually take you seriously and do not need to be distracted or influenced by my writing for now. I prefer to sit in the dark and write as delicately as possible. That the sound of the keys does not reach the next room, to the ears of my brother, is my priority at this time. I can almost assure you that Guille would be happy with my initiative as he did when he found a story he had written in 2004. He could not stop asking me questions and encouraging me. That is precisely what I do not want. Flattery deconcentrates me, mainly because I like them so much that I do not forget them at any time. I know I would paint better saying that compliments irritate me greatly, but that is not me. If someone does something to be appreciated in some way, it is logical that he likes compliments, reject them would be hypocritical or taking some measure of which I do not know valid purpose. I write in the dark so they do not see me through my light cotton curtains. I write in silence so they do not listen to me in the hall. I write late at night so that the chances of the above not working are high. Guille just knocked on the door and my heart almost stopped. I wanted the key to the wireless network. That reminds me: I write with the insurance past so that those who do not let the impoliteness go unnoticed. As you may suppose: I write in secret. But there is nothing secret in my writing. I try to write everything daily that I allow myself. In particular, writing silently has been bothering me lately because I want to type. I spent yesterday afternoon consulting the prices of online typewriters. I certainly could not write silently with one of those but the mechanical feel they provide is unmatched. Every letter you write has value. Value that grows exponentially with each successful pulsation, and loses it completely when erring. Actually I spent part of the afternoon putting into operation, successfully, an Olympia machine that belonged to my maternal grandparents. It is a good machine but it is very big and I still have a hard time writing in it. I was thinking of buying one of those portable, small and light machines, that I could easily transport and use anywhere. At the end of this week, it is very likely that I will buy one made in Switzerland that I liked very much and it seemed very economical. So I have to hide it until I'm ready to stop writing silently and all my method falls consistently. A year ago, more or less, I met a local poet who made a terrible noise, and that did not use a machine. I had not known for two hours when I was drying my sweat with his poems. He had put them on my face and wanted me to read them. This made a terrible impression on me. It was a really hot afternoon. She, Ricardo and I, We left the university to return to our respective homes. Until then everything was fine with her, she was very nice and nice but her smile showed the longing for acceptance, a blanket of insecurity covered her face and I did not notice until after everything had happened. We got on the bus that passed through La Municipal and everything happened. She held the exam sheets, with her writing in clear pencil, in front of me. My face and the hand that grabbed me from the dirty plastic grip of the seat were covered in sweat. I had no escape, at least not politely. However, I grabbed the leaves and read them while she stared as she tried to read inside that dirty and hot bus that was moving abruptly, at least I would see myself like that at that moment. I do not remember my answer when I finished reading, I know it was a vague and mechanical response but stupidly approving. I'm not saying that the poems were bad, surely they were not, but there was no way I could read them under such conditions. Ricardo had already spoken to me very well about his poems, but even he could not help but turn his face and laugh to himself when he saw how they put the leaves on my face. I think the first manuscript that I will let see will be this one. Such a manuscript would have justified the action of the poet - at least before me -. If I somehow offend or exasperate the reader, I ask my sincere apology for having scrubbed my papers in my face. This action is only for Taringa users! Login with Facebook Identify me

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