I want to improve my essay writing

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Text preview How to improve my academic performance 1. Positive attitude towards work, classes and study. 7. Convincing my teachers that I want to improve. 2. Use of the classes. 3.Improvement of the study method. 4. Organization of personal time. 10. Try to improve my study techniques. 5.Care the conditions of my study. It is expected that the professor of Research Methodology will find it in accordance with the expected norms. You can have a good intellectual capacity and good skills and yet not be getting an adequate performance. The parents are fundamental pieces so that their children reach a desirable use in the classrooms. Family conflicts, work and the lack of motivation and preparation that exists between parents, prevents obtaining satisfactory results in students. A student with good academic performance is one who obtains positive grades in the exams that must be given during a course.

Each type of writing, simply, should go according to what the writer wants to express. Currently, there are five major types of writing to choose and write what you want to communicate. They are the academic, literary, journalistic, administrative and technical writing. Monograph, image of Gettyimages Academic writing is one whose texts are characterized by describing information in a systematic and logical way. 02 de 05 Novels, image of Gettyimages The literary writing is the one that aims at artistic expression through written language. In them the editor must refrain from expressing himself in a personal language. The other important aspect is the structure. The different types of translation What is a philosophical essay? Types of argumentative texts The monograph. Learn something new every day Subscribe There was an error. Enter a valid email Thank you You are already subscribed!

Its purpose is to encourage questioning and reflection on a topic. It does not intend to present it as something finished, rigorous, but capable of being modified and subject to discussion. Class 3: The students will write an essay taking into account the information they researched on the Internet or in the newspaper, all of them referring to the topic they chose to analyze and contribute ideas based on what was consulted. Class 4: In this class we will finish writing our essay based on 3 different sources of information. Start activity: - The teacher will ask the students about the doubts or difficulties they have encountered in the writing of their essay. Development activity: - The students will continue with the writing of their essay based on the researched sources and the knowledge they have on the subject they chose. Development activity: - The student with his essay in hand, will plan his presentation in power point. Very well structured activities and rubrics. María del Carmen: I liked her unit since it is very complete and attractive for young people. It is the obligation of teachers of Spanish, language or writing, like us, to train students in the use of this genre that will allow them to express their opinions on various topics. I read your Unit, I saw the presentations and I checked your rubrics. All your material seems fabulous, I hope it does not bother you if I use it in any of my classes. It is up to the next class that you say you already know what a rehearsal is.

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