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He has already won during his career the four tournaments that make up the Grand Slam. He has already been crowned as the youngest man to achieve it during the open era, and he is already on the list of seven tennis players who once achieved it. You look at his bench, and he is so nervous that he asks: "Where was it in the last game, when I came out to win the game?" The truth is that I felt very, very nervous since I got the second break in the fourth. The 3-1 I played well, aggressive.When I got the double break, 4-1, the world came over me, in the ace, in the middle or try to make the classic play of the open serve and try to play right. They told me to take it open and then I took it out, before, in the next two services, I suffered a lot more than what I had been doing, but much more... I send them two meters long. to fail, but not to touch the ball badly In pre-game nervousness and drama during the game are not comparable, it was that, in Wimbledon, much more, much more drama Q. To get here has undergone a treatment in the knees, they say that syringe is very impressive. I laugh, that many people do. It was very painful the first time: the following ones were not so painful because I asked them to sedate me. When you wake up, yes, it hurts a lot. But when you put it on it's when I really... I almost fainted the first time. The following times I did not even think about it. P. "I'll have to value it when my career ends." That is his shield, his armor, when asked about his place in the history of his sport. When you are in competition and you are 24 years old, it is not that you have vertigo, it is not a good thing to stop and think about the story. I am aware that I am in the history of tennis. I do not need to say it or tell me. And these are in the story, so I guess I'm going to be. Q. Are you surprised that there is someone who wants to place you as the best of all time? P. Normal: he has won seven more than you. But I do not think the Grand Slam titles are the only thing that marks who is the best or not. It can not be compared: in these moments he has much more incredible things than me. It's hard to talk about the story when I have not finished my story. We'll see what happens: if I stay like this, we'll value it. If I continue well, with options to win, we will do otherwise. In this sport you can not stop. You have to always improve and be prepared to work with humility and enthusiasm every day. It is very difficult to win a Grand Slam title. He has had a brilliant career, he has been many years up. The comparisons are not good. He had a great career, it was a boom for Spain. Thanks to him many of us who are here today we love tennis, he helped us see that it was possible. Q. Does it make you feel older to see that your friend has been a father? Q. The Swedish Borg withdrew when he was very young. Federer changed and changed coach in his best moments. There are champions who change to keep winning or who leave before they stop doing so. R. I do not see myself, at all, changing trainer. We've always been like this, well, I do not need anything else. Withdrawing or not, I can not say when I will do it. When it comes to you, you feel it: I will leave when I lose the illusion to continue working and improving. Then, I will go home quietly, because there are many things in life other than tennis, luckily. P. He says he wants to improve the second serve. P. Then, what blow and who would steal it? R. Clearly, I would take Karlovic's serve. With that serve it would be very difficult to lose. With that serve is much easier, because the pressure felt by the opponent is much higher. Q. What did your family think when they saw you winning the title on television, or when they saw you hit the ball so hard? R. I have an excellent relationship with everyone. With them I have lived my childhood. They are the people I love the most. In the row below, on the left, Toni Nadal and other collaborators of the tennis player. With a striped shirt, the father of the champion.

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