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In less words, I can define myself as an independent editor for independent writers. It is useless a well edited book or an impeccable marketing, if what you have written does not hold up. Have you stopped to think that if you publish something flawed you hurt more than you benefit? Enter a valid email address please. Download Now Something went wrong. That writing is learned by writing can be true for some people, but do you know how to tell a good story? Not doing it in that order is called ignorance, not art. Learn first to walk and then you will fly. Writers who need motivation or overcome creative blocks. There are many beliefs about what a writer should be, but most of them are topics that cinema or television has bequeathed to us. If you do not think Superman exists just because you saw him in a movie, why do you believe Hollywood nonsense about writers? The creation of a book, in reality, is more of a team work than a solo work. Traditionally, writers have counted on the help of their editors to overcome difficulties but who do you go to if you do not publish through an editorial? Once again, the figure of the independent editor emerges for independent authors. Writers who want to publish on their own or find editorial. Luckily, today there are many different publication models. New technologies have brought new opportunities... but also a lot of deception and information oversaturation. Writers who have published and want to find readers. Maybe you published a book and it was a resounding success. If you are in the second case, you may be interested in what I can offer you on this site. And no longer to sell books, but to read what you publish. Because if you publish, you do it so that they read to you. Otherwise, it would not be necessary to publish or you would just have to go to a printing company that made you a few books for your friends and family. Writers who wish to embark on a professional career with their work. It has nothing to do with marketing for writers, it goes much further. He's not going to sell a lot of books and get fame... he goes even further. It's about creating a viable business model thanks to the writing that allows you to live from it. And if you are a professional of the edition, I can also help you to start online with my own business model. A little below I explain how I did it and how I can help you get it too. After creating several companies, in 2013 I decided to invent the ideal job and launched Writer's Office. Because I discovered that dreams are the luminous sign with which life points us to the right path. Whatever happens, pursuing dreams always serves a purpose. Maybe not in the way we expect, but there is always a great learning following that path. Avoid ruining yourself by publishing and getting nothing in return. I think you improve the world by teaching and doing what you do, thank you very much, Alejandro. My only answer would be: Do you want to be a writer? You optimize your students as writers and also increase their confidence and other vital interior tools that help even for the rest of their lives. I recommend working with Alejandro to anyone who wants to become a good writer. More than an essay is a practical book, with which you can advance your literary career. It even contains access to exclusive templates to help you structure a novel. You will need it to be safe and not throw your money away if you decide to self-publish. It is also free to download and contains interesting additional information that you will receive for ten days in your email. More Information Aimed at independent professionals, bloggers and in general anyone who needs to be more persuasive with their written communication. I explain some of the most basic resources of the copywriting -copywriting- and it is an excellent way to start in this art.It is free download and includes extra content to access an email marketing mini-course. More Information Complete manual to develop literary characters. I use the exclusive technique of the enneagram, an ancient tool of great wisdom about human nature. I also explain how the archetypes in literature work and the best technique to make complete character files. It is an exclusive eBook for my students and you can only access it by doing my basic narrative course. More Information Enter your name please. Enter a valid email address please. Download Now Something went wrong. Be willing to leave the comfort zone, have an open mind to continuous learning and work hard. Because all dreams have their price and you can also achieve yours.

But I do not want to get involved in technicalities, I prefer to enter the subject. As the quote that 'I stole' says, this is a communicational phenomenon that, in my view, exceeds the communicational to be more like the old and known 'brainwashing'. Simply because it is about affecting people by removing them or replacing their opinion with another. But not to be confused, having an opinion does not mean that in all cases it is strong and can not be changed. The media will also bombard them so that their beliefs falter. Children and young people occupy another range of the population, who are in the middle of forming their criticality, and can fall more easily into the networks of these tyrants. This is what media culture is about: homogenize. These strips show a reality that could not be further from reality, where girls wear designer handbags, comb hair to go to 'cole' and base their lives on being the most popular at school. I do not think I am the one to find the solution to this global phenomenon, but I do have to know what part involves me as a future education worker. The 'school culture' is today a disdained object and made minced meat, in my view. It sounds like unfounded chatter to me through the media. I speak from my own experience, we see it in the Institute, girls. Bring to the classroom the seen in those programs or 'download' them... work with videos and analyze them... Analyze everything that is seen. See what the children think of what they see and contrast them with reality. I recommend consciously seeing the next conference. It's very long, I know. I leave the links. Your signature is well placed Lu, you can distinguish in each word of the text. The truth is a great job! They complement the work in an excellent way. I agree with you in almost everything. The truth is that he left me thinking a lot what you said. It is true that we live complaining but we also lost many limits as adults, and in part that is why children lose them. we can not inculcate or demand from them something that we do not have. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email.

Instead, I would like to describe the steps that should be taken into account. I would like to give some technical details. Purpose: to help create a good home video. Goal: to narrate about an object so that the public can visualize the image. Main body: descriptive steps that demonstrate how the speaker helps the audience to follow their advice. The descriptive discourse contains no open conflict. It is an exchange of experiences between the speaker and the audience as the consumers of this adjective 1. which has the quality of describing. You can change this preference below. You can change this preference. I present a descriptive speech about a person, place or thing and chose my baby daughter. I'm supposed to describe physically and his personality. Can someone give me an example of a descriptive discourse? I enjoy the precious moments I. An informative speech is what informs the audience. However, as should be clear, this general definition demonstrates that there are many ways to inform the public. Therefore, there are several types of informative speeches. The main types of informative speeches include definition, descriptive, explanatory and demonstrative.

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