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I also remind you that perhaps my understanding of your concept is not even similar to yours, and that, on the contrary, it may be that my readers have people with much more rewarding and enriching experiences compared to mine. Waiting for the above to be perfectly clear, well I'm going! I give you a few minutes to reflect on it before asking them to continue reading below. Surely some of you have experienced the previous reaction and it has cost them your good time to overcome the state of mind that such a thought generated them, right? For a while I was watching him because of his discomfort and restlessness, which mixed perfectly with the mood of all of us who were waiting to be seen in consultation. Needless to say that with this new tool his attitude ended up becoming an experience for him pleasurable, of enjoyment, but above all, of a lot of happiness and love. In little more than half an hour the child managed to leave his sadness and boredom to a state of sustained happiness. I began to reflect on the fact and I realized that the child managed to overcome his affliction by working from within, from the inside of his existence. There, like a snap of fingers, I found the answers that for decades I did not find looking for everywhere. That day I internalized that for me love can not come from outside, a place where I searched for it without success for many years. True love is born and comes from within, an inner zone that we must cultivate, strengthen and care for before we can give or receive love from others. That day I understood that I did not love me enough to be able to offer something positive that would "truly enamor" another human being. To begin to love yourself is to begin to recognize all the good that dwells in you. The moment you decide to accept that both love and happiness are inside you, you will begin to love yourself. Love is not found in the other, it is a state in which each one of us finds ourselves. Sometimes we believe that when someone leaves, we lose love, when in reality the other does not give us that feeling, only wakes up the one that has always been inside our being. I am still in my own process of loving myself, I believe that such a state never ends, it undergoes modifications as well as life itself. I am in the stage where I prefer true love over the superfluous, the narcissistic, the arrogant, or simply that which drives me to praise my own personality. It is an interesting process that I imagine is different for everyone, but of which I am sure that everything that will bring me will be highly positive. I do not believe in half oranges or in half love, I believe in evolved and complementary couples in harmony. Thank you for sending me your comment. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Receive new posts via email.

Therefore, in this article, how we give you the most important keys so you know how to make a description of yourself, and be able to address the strengths of your personality by praising the good and minimizing the bad. It is not the same to do a job interview as to give information to an academic committee or a new friend. So, it is necessary to identify the audience. 2 To make a description of yourself, you also have to think about the data that are relevant and those that are not. For this reason it is important to inform us very well of what profile of person they are looking for, either for a job or for a scholarship. Moreover, even to fall for someone, it is always important to see what your needs are and what exactly you are looking for. 3 We can start this description by giving our name complete, place of birth and age, as well as current place of residence. 5 If applicable, you will have to add your professional achievements, what you have dedicated to during the last years, what has been your work experience, etc. 6 In a good description about yourself, you can not miss your personal characteristics. It is interesting to provide information about how creative you are, how energetic, proactive and good companion you consider yourself. 7 Normally, if it is a job interview, they will ask you to also say a defect. Do not hide, make that defect a virtue. For example, if you consider yourself a maniac at work, you can decorate it with a "I'm too perfectionist". 8 Finally, conciseness and brevity in a description about yourself is essential. Try to select the most important data, which is not longer than 200 words. If you want to read more articles similar to How to make a description of yourself, we recommend you to enter our Training category. Send comment I want to receive new posts in my email. Commenting accept our conditions of use. Reply 3 6 Pablo 10 03 2015 I did not like anything, I am a primary student. Reply 4 4 I want to see more similar articles!

This means that self-esteem is not fixed. It can change, according to the way we think. Over time, habits of negative thoughts about ourselves can cause self-esteem to fall. Sometimes, people do not even realize that they have such negative thoughts about themselves. But once you become aware and know that the way of thinking depends on you, you can change the way you think. And changing the way you think about yourself changes the way you feel about yourself. Therefore, if you want to understand yourself better, try some of these things: Manage your internal criticism. Be aware of the criticisms you make of yourself. A severe internal voice can simply demolish us. If you have the habit of thinking critically about yourself, re-train yourself and transform these negative and unpleasant thoughts into more constructive comments. Concentrate on what is going well for you. The next time you find yourself looking at the problems and complaints you have about yourself or your day, look for something positive to counteract it. Every day, write three good things about yourself and three good things that happened that day due to an act or an effort of yours. Aim for effort rather than perfection. Some people refrain by their own pressure to be perfect. They do not achieve things because they do not try. Think of mistakes as learning opportunities. Modify the thoughts that make you feel inferior. Be aware of what you are thinking. Something like, "It's much better than I. I'd have to stop playing," will make you feel inferior and not feel good about yourself. Remember that everyone stands out in different things. Concentrate on what you do well and celebrate the success of others. Thinking something similar to "She is a great basketball player, but the reality is that I am better for music than for sports, but I will continue to play because I enjoy it" will help you to accept yourself and get the best of the situation. Try new things and give yourself credit. Experiment with different activities that help you connect with your talents. Then, be proud of your new abilities. Think of the good results. For example: I scored in athletics and found out I'm pretty fast! These positive thoughts are transformed into good opinions of yourself and improve your self-esteem. Recognize what you can and can not change. If you realize that you are not happy with something of yourself, you can change it; start today If it is something that you can not modify, work to accept it. Obsess with the "failures" It can skew your opinion of yourself and lower your self-esteem. Most of the time, other people do not even notice those things! Think about what you would like to achieve. Then, make a plan to determine how to achieve it. Respect your plan and keep track of your progress. Train the voice of your conscience to remind you of what you are accomplishing. For example: "I have been following my plan to do physical exercise every day for 45 minutes, I feel good about having fulfilled the promise I made to myself, be proud of your opinions and your ideas, do not be afraid to express them. Someone does not agree, is not reflecting on what you are worth or on your intelligence, that person simply sees things differently, when we have low self-esteem, it is easy to overlook the good things that people say about us. When someone tells us something nice, we do not believe it, instead, accept a compliment, appreciate it and take it seriously, praise it yourself, help study a classmate who has problems, help clean up your neighborhood Participate in a fundraiser for a good cause or volunteer in some other way When you can see that what you do makes a difference, your positive opinion of yourself will grow and make you feel Being active and fit helps you feel good about yourself. Thoughts of this kind can open a path to low self-esteem because they focus on what is not perfect instead of bringing out the best in reality. Spend time with people you want, do the things you love and concentrate on what is right. To obtain specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, consult your doctor.

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