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For other uses of this term, see Essay. This work of his continues to be considered a classic model of the genre.The essay is a type of prose text that analyzes, interprets or evaluates a topic. It is considered a literary genre, like poetry, narrative and drama. The most representative classic characteristics of an essay are: It is a serious and well-founded writing that synthesizes a significant topic. That has as purpose to argue the subject. It has a preliminary, introductory, preparatory nature. Presents arguments and supported opinions. It is a literary genre within the more general didactic. Almost all modern essays are written in prose. In the Contemporary Age this type of works has reached a central position. Sometimes it is reduced to a series of ramblings and speculations, most of the time of critical aspect, in which the author explores a specific topic or expresses his reflections on it, or even runs and discusses without a specific theme. Ortega y Gasset defined it as "science without explicit proof". Alfonso Reyes affirmed that "the essay is literature in its ancillary function" -that is, as a slave or subaltern of something superior-and also defined it as "the Centaur of the genres". And for his part Eugenio d'Ors defined it as the "poetization of knowledge". To this it should be added that in the essay there is, as the critic Juan Marichal has appreciated, a "will to style," a subjective impression that is also of a formal order. Other didactic genres related to the essay are: The discourse. Simple style, natural, friendly. Without a pre-established order, it is unsystematic. It is aimed at a wide audience. Theme and building freedom. In Greece, where the essay has its origin, it was considered as an original proposal that has elements of creation, generation and innovation. It was based on the normal knowledge to break it. Japanese Buddhist monk, author of Tsurezuregusa, a collection of 243 short essays, published posthumously. They deal with the beauty of nature, the transience of life, traditions, friendship and others. Many of the most notable early works of Japanese literature are in this genre. It is his most famous work and one of the most studied works of medieval Japanese literature. The essay in Latin America has great figures. Logic is crucial in an essay and achieving it is something simpler than it seems: it depends mainly on the organization of ideas and presentation. In order to convince the reader, it is necessary to proceed in an organized manner from the formal explanations to the concrete evidence, that is, from the facts to the conclusions. To achieve this the writer can use two types of reasoning: inductive logic or deductive logic. According to the inductive logic, the writer begins the essay by showing concrete examples and then deducing the general statements from them. To be successful, you must not only choose your examples well but you must also present a clear explanation at the end of the essay. The advantage of this method is that the reader participates actively in the reasoning process and therefore it is easier to convince him. According to deductive logic, the writer begins the essay by showing general affirmations, which he progressively documents by means of very concrete examples. The advantage of this method is that if the reader admits the general statement and the arguments are well constructed, he will generally accept the conclusions. That takes maximum advantage of our inexhaustible creativity and conceives an ethic -and perhaps an aesthetic- for our unbridled and legitimate desire for personal improvement. However, the current Castilian is not a peasant culture: it is simply agriculture, what remains as long as the true culture disappears. The culture of Castile was warlike. The warrior lives in the field, but not He lives in the countryside-neither materially nor spiritually. To a gentleman, in a theological or literary discussion, a glass of wine was thrown in his face. All the others are in me vile and common, but as for memory I create a singular and rare entity worthy to gain reputation and name. This flexibility, which allows a person to write a text expressing what they know, feel and think about any topic, is very much used in education. At school it is a common practice for students to write essays. In fact, the essay is the genre that is used more frequently, given the facilities it allows. The first and before writing it must be documented on the chosen topic until sufficient knowledge is obtained, which means searching for the necessary information by consulting bibliographic or other sources. The second step would be to organize the ideas keeping in mind who is writing for, what is interesting to expose and how to do it better. In addition, this part can present the problem posed to the topic to which we are going to focus our knowledge, reflections, readings and experiences. If this arises, then the objective of the test will be to present our point of view on this problem. An introduction in a scientific essay is usually the exposition of a hypothesis and the reasons that have led us to it. When we talk about an argumentative essay in the introduction the work is presented and the thesis is exposed. A thesis in an argumentative essay is similar to the scientist's hypothesis. It is an idea, an affirmation, that we will defend throughout the body or development of the essay. Although this is evidently sought in all the trials that are conducted in this case, it is the basis of this presentation part. When we perform a literary analysis essay in the introduction we put the reader in antecedents about the work that we are going to treat and we place the concrete aspect of this one that we want to analyze in our essay. The thesis is supported, already proven in the content, and it is deepened more about it, either offering answers about something or leaving final questions that motivate the reader to reflect. In this section the author expresses his own ideas on the subject, it is allowed to give some suggestions of solution, to close the ideas that were worked in the development of the topic and to propose lines of analysis for later writings. This last part maintains a certain parallelism with the introduction by direct reference to the thesis of the essayist, with the difference that in the conclusion the thesis must be deepened, in light of the expositions exposed in the development. Retrieved on October 10, 2015. Retrieved on October 10, 2015. Accessed on October 12, 2015. Construction of the essay text. Mexico: Editions of Andrea, 1973. Toronto: University of Toronto, 1970. Colombia: Academic Encyclopedia,. Volume I. History of eternity. By using this site, you accept our terms of use and our privacy policy.

When I was 12 years old my father died serving in the army, he has always been my hero and when he was decorated posthumously I felt very proud. I think it was the happiest day of my life, although living without my father has not been easy. My mother decided then that we would go and live with the grandparents so that they could help her take care of my two little brothers. Brenda is three years younger than me and Joel, the youngest, had just been born when my father died. My grandparents ran a business, a small store and my mother took care of it. I like it because although my mother has to work many hours, the store is on the ground floor of our house and I can go see my mother whenever I want. I try to receive a good training. I'm on the athletic team. The weekend I work in my mother's store. She has always instilled in me the need to work and earn my money, so I share home purchases and with the tips I receive, I get the money for my expenses. My main qualities are the constancy in the study and my passion for sport. My strongest faults are that I have a very strong character and that sometimes I get frustrated easily. In the workplace: I aspire to be a military man like my father, which is the example I follow. When finishing the University my desire is to enter the army and develop my career there. On the social level: My friends are important to me and I want to maintain my intimate circle of friends. I hope to meet new people when I go to University, with aspirations similar to mine. When I finally work I want to save money to buy a nice house and someday be able to travel to France, where my mother's family is from. On the intimate level: I would like to be a person that maintains its values ​​when I am away from home and my family is not there to "take care of me". I want to improve my character and learn to control it because it is essential for the military career. I also have to learn to accept criticism and not feel frustrated when things do not go well the first time. For this I thought that I could use the Tai Chi practice, which helps to relax and release tensions. Currently I need to write my essay on personal life and this will help me a lot, although I imagined how I should Do it I wanted it to be perfect or at least as close as possible. This project is very well structured. Thank you very much for your help, guide me. Notify me of new posts by email.

But within these two large blocks there are many subcategories depending on the criteria we want to apply to label the essay. We will see below some introductory examples for some of the most common essays when elaborating school tasks. In an impressive mix of realism and magic, human feelings and passions mingle with Colombian historical events. But is this work such and how has a criticism of the technological evolution of society been affirmed on different occasions? I am firmly convinced that this is so and then I will argue this statement. "In this introduction the author asks a question and gives his personal response to it. In the body of the essay he will defend this position by analyzing the novel. For others it has been God who has created this world as stated in the sacred scriptures. Without a doubt this is the case and I think I can explain why. "Here we try to defend a position based on arguments that try to awaken a certain polemic and catch the reader. The author explains why he opts for one or the other side or, how in this case, he does not agree with any of the theories going in a third way. Introduction to a philosophical essay Introductory examples for an essay on human freedom. However, there are important aspects of life that are beyond our ability to make decisions. Thank you very much for your comment. In the article it was impossible to include more examples for lack of space, but we will take into account your suggestion to create new posts. Greetings and thanks for visiting us Reply lizbeth says July 18, 2014 at 4:17 a.m. they left me homework to do a rehearsal of ricardo palma just from him I want to know how to make plis. It is a very broad subject that can be approached from very different points of view. please respond as quickly as possible, it is urgent, thank you very much. Answer Jessica says September 12, 2014 at 6:59 pm Hello, I would like to see if you can help me in how to start an introduction of an essay on "limits" calculation. At least I have been taught that. and I do not know how to start writing, reading about the topic and watching videos. Answer keily says January 21, 2015 at 4:36 am hey you need a trial of a more developed introduction.... And I have no idea how to start it, I would really appreciate it if you could give me a little push to develop it. I would like to know if you could guide me on how to start the introduction of my essay. The topic is traditional production systems. I would very much like to say goodbye. Reply Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email.

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