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Get offers free trial Personality tests are psychometric tests that are used in human resources to carry out a process of candidate selection. The use of personality tests provides valuable information about the candidate's skills and abilities for employment. It constructs an X-ray of the personality of the candidate from which his behavioral tendencies are obtained. There is no correct solution to each question. These types of tests are scientifically validated and have control mechanisms to measure the sincerity of the candidate in their answers. In the business world its value is not conclusive, although they are considered useful. Different selection managers agree in highlighting the value of the information they provide; data about the candidate that is valued and then checked during the personal interviews. During these, the coach will try to resolve possible contradictions between what the written tests provide and the information that is extracted in the conversation. Suspending a personality test is not synonymous with suspense in other selection processes. TestPersonalidad aims to present personality tests, psychological tests and psychotechnical tests. The personality results that are detailed here are for informational purposes. Consult with your psychologist or doctor to perform a personality assessment, personality disorder or psychology. The content of this website has been facilitated by volunteers and internet users. In case of infringement of copyright or copyright, please contact us immediately. We will remove the suspicious content.

Selection of interesting articles that other blogs deal with, Human Resources, basic tips to take care of the computer and any other nonsense that comes to mind. In the tests of ability, the tests given in this type of psychometric exams are created to measure the styles of performance of the person, his way of proceeding. It makes a forecast of the way in which this individual reacts to certain circumstances and also of their typical reactions and attitudes under pressure situations. Both results are obtained individually quantitatively. In addition, graphically you can compare the results of the individual with the profile for which you are opting. The Cleaver test provides a complete description of the personality of the individual, emphasizing their ability to perform different social tasks, their ability to interact with other people and relate to them. It makes a forecast of the way in which this individual reacts to certain circumstances and also of their typical reactions and attitudes under pressure situations. Suggests what kind of activity would perform more efficiently and what things motivate the individual, orienting their needs and preferences.

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