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I tried to be as brief as possible. My goal is that, as soon as possible, you do a quality test. Practice makes perfect, as the languages ​​say. If it costs you a little work at first, just analyze, it is the effort necessary to achieve our goal. Nothing more and nothing less than an examination of our thinking. The essay is a writing in which the author reflects the way in which his thought proceeds. The essay consists of three fundamental parts: introduction, development and conclusion. The introduction is usually short, but everything depends on the size of our writing. Its function is to introduce the reader to the topic that we will deal with and, if necessary, to inform him or her of what has been said about the topic so far. In it the hypothesis is presented. The hypothesis is the idea that we seek to realize, clarify or sustain throughout our essay and around it the body of the text will be developed. It is, in itself, the seed from which the essay is born. It is the first thing that you have to master to know how to make an essay. Development is the body of the essay. It covers most of the text and it presents the arguments that clarify and support our hypothesis. Here, if the essay requires an academic rigor, the necessary critical apparatus will be inserted so that our arguments are solid. The conclusion is the final part of the essay. In it we can make a recapitulation of the main argumentative lines following a line from the hypothesis and end up giving our point of view or final resolution of the topic. In addition to these essential parts, in order to know how to make an essay we must know some of the internal characteristics that this literary genre possesses: The essay needs to be current on the topic. In this sense, we can guide ourselves to choose the theme taking into account the type of audience to which it is addressed. The essay does not pretend to exhaust all the possibilities of a topic, but focuses only on a part of it. You can paraphrase the appointments we make to entertain the reading. It is important that the essay has a dialogical character to maintain the attention of the reader. The essay can serve as a confession, be subjective. Unlike other literary genres, the essay lacks a rigid structure. It obeys, rather, as it flows from the mind of the author. Because of its flexible structure, the essay accepts digressions, as long as they have a specific intention within the body of the text itself. It should suggest something or stimulate reflection, cause interest; and if we manage to change the reader's perspective on the subject, we will have succeeded. An essay can emerge from any subject. Here we find several examples of the father of the essay: Michel de Montaigne who can help you choose the theme. Any questions about how to make an essay I ask you to write me in the comments. Steps to do a rehearsal: Before you start writing you should know well what you are going to write. You can search the Internet or the local library about your topic. You can ask for help from the library manager to find the best free ones that will help you in your research. Many profers do not like you to use Wikipedia as a source of information, find out if your teacher accepts it or not before you start writing. Find out what kind of bibliographies your teacher is looking for that you use for your essay. How to evaluate the source of information: Author or creator: What are the author's credentials in this area? Respectable authors are frequently cited by other scholars. Year of publication: Is the information source up to date? Medical or scientific issues should have a current source of information. Humanities issues occupy that have been written for many years. Edition: Is it the first edition? If the source has several editions, it requires updates. Look for essays of your subject that you are going to write, and ask yourself what is it that makes the essay be well written? One of the most effective ways to develop your writing skills is to analyze someone else's writing. Seeing many writing styles, and different ways of approaching a topic is very helpful. In the age of the Internet, it is very easy to find essays to review on any subject. Consider the following examples: Professional examples. An excellent place to start is by essays written by professionals. There are many essays on the Internet about your topic that can help you. Blogs - Search blogs of respectable authors that can give you ideas to write your essay. Brainstorming is a method that students can use to generate ideas to write their essay. Here your goal is to put your thoughts on paper without worrying about being organized, if they make sense or that you could fit your thoughts with one another. Example: if your subject is "The importance of the curriculum vitae to find a good job", try to put all your ideas of why it is important to write a resume well done on paper without taking into account how good or not. Since you put everything you came up with, select the best ones to do your essay. This does not work for everyone, there are people who brainstorm is not very helpful to other people if it is. This will tell the reader what your essay is and what point the author will be making. You know what your essay is going to talk about. Choose the main idea of ​​your essay, you can choose from one to three ideas to write your essay. Write a main idea, and write down at least 3 arguments that support your main idea. Take into account the number of words or paragraph as the minimum and maximum limit that your teacher asked for. To know the steps to write the development correctly for your essay click here. To know the steps to write an introduction correctly for your essay click here. To know the steps to write a conclusion for your essay click here. As it is almost impossible to be objective with your own essay if you review it immediately. You can choose to wait a while or look for someone to help you review it. a) Wait a day before reviewing your essay to be cool-minded. Do not deliver an essay without having edited and reviewed it before, you increase the probability that it has errors and you do not explain your ideas in a specific way. b) Make sure you do not have a single spelling mistake. It is one of the basic mistakes that can not be allowed in a trial. Make sure you do not misspell. If you have doubts about how to write a word, look it up in the dictionary or in a search engine on the Internet as it is written correctly. b) Make sure you do not have a single mistake in the use of semicolons. c) Eliminate words that you repeat a lot or that are not addressed. d) Do not write your essay informally. You must write your essay with a serious tone. e) Remove information that deviates from the topic and the main argument of your essay. If you want to see examples of essays click here.

Perhaps a phrase from the film sums it all up: "It is hard to learn from life through death". He has to have a terminal diagnosis in order to deepen personal questions in his life and he realizes that his life is more empty than he believes. Bob turns to an alternative medicine doctor where he receives a lot of help, not to cure himself of cancer but to heal his soul. One aspect I would like to mention is the part where his parents and brother come to visit him at his home and fulfill his fantasy of when he was a child with the circus in the back of his garden. For a moment he forgets his reality and enjoys the most of that moment. This is a film in which it makes us fall in awareness of how life changes at one moment to another and points out specific aspects to understand more about palliative medicine and what its function is.

A simple analysis that questions the effectiveness of this sanction. But has this progress been beneficial to take care of our home? It is known that the death penalty has been applied since ancient times in different civilizations. Capital punishment was always used based on two arguments: as a form of punishment for the criminal and, at the same time, as a way of preventing other crimes. One of the reasons why you should rethink the usefulness of this measure is access to the legal system. Each one owns his own health and therefore, is in his power to decide whether to self-inflict damage or end its existence. The position in favor of "assisting the patient" if he wishes to end his life can be summarized in a single idea: freedom. The freedom of the patient to be able to make the decision not to stop their suffering. Those who argue against argue that human life is inviolable and that euthanasia is equivalent to assisted murder. They also affirm that life must be preserved, despite the conditions in which the person's health is found. Enter a valid email Thank you You are already subscribed!

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