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In the past ten years, for example, the representation of the genre has been marked with a certain clarity and the number of bands has multiplied exponentially to that which existed when the first Boom of 1996 began. Unfortunately, a greater number of bands is not synonymous with greater weight in the music industry. This writing does not pretend to talk about the history of local rock, nor about the glory, much less the bands that have managed to remain active on a Caribbean island. Those are exceptions to the rule in my book for whatever reasons. It is a vicious circle that ends in despair, discouragement and more than anything in debt. Yes, it may sound extremely pessimistic but it does not cease to be reality. Before going on, it is important to understand that the generalization below is based on rock bands with the pretense of being commercial. I do not know the metal, punk and hardcore scenes enough to dare to include them in this, although being realistic... the goal of any band is to be heard. When this does not happen, the floor tends to move from under the feet. But for the purposes we are going to talk about bands that the media enjoy ridiculing with the adjective of Pop Rock. Many bands take their first steps after a friend told someone who has a corduroy that plays "x" instrument. This stage can last long as not anyone who plays the instrument will fit. Usually the one that begins the organization of a band has a sound already in mind with definite influences and its search is difficult when starting to include buts to the list of requirements. But in the meantime, nothing prevents it from starting to be called as a group even though it is only an idea in the air. This is synonymous with wanting to ride a band, I think I have a guy there but I need everything else. It is the stage where the nearby girls are more excited by one than oneself because now they have a friend who plays in a band. Something that you have to understand is that when you're riding a band, you never have the perfect members. One can think a thousand times, if this guy played better, if he did not do that and if so-and-so would give these notes with the voice. However, those who end up with one have something much more important....ganas. Something that many bands receive if they are lucky are the desire and hunger to play that have the participants and in their imperfections develop creative ideas that simply work. Many times it is these imperfections that define the sound of the band. In addition, the one who starts the band is not necessarily a gifted on his instrument, nor necessarily the most creative person. After advanced this tedious stage and managed to synchronize four or five people, who play different instruments, arrives the time to organize the first trials. Depending on the budget, the band will rehearse at the drummer's house or in a rehearsal room. During the life of a band the members are not always at the same economic level. The Economy The finances of each member of a group are not always in unison. Maybe they all start students, then some get work and others lose it, or they get squeezed into the personal situation which means that not everyone will have money to pay a rehearsal room every week. This often breaks a band before it starts. It takes tact and real desire to cope with this situation, but many succeed. If most of them are newcomers, like when I started with my first band, the most likely thing is that the instruments they have are all in the third category. Those first rehearsals are really horrible at the moment because although on the one hand there is the emotion of finally being rehearsed, nothing sounds good. The instruments are out of tune, nobody knows the same songs of famous artists and jameo sessions are started that are repetitive, monotonous but explorative. Many of these sessions begin what later end up being important songs for the group. Of course, nobody knows that at the moment and frustrations can lead to fights that lead nowhere. That need to appear before an audience of rockers who enjoy the original rock of a band from the country. This is where the leaders of the group begin to define themselves. He has no greater goal than to be playing every day if he could. He has no connections but has an appetite to touch. He thinks that as soon as they start playing they will be recognized and they will offer them a record contract and they will live the rockanrol dream of music. He plays because he likes but thinks that everything is wrong, that the direction of the group is not correct and that they are not going to hit. So far has not been documented because this type of musician remains in the group but the reality is that even being pessimistic, when you have to contribute... contributes. Meet other bands, meet owners of establishments, is involved in activities, likes to greet people and is always connecting. If someone can get to play live is this member. Having defined some of the types of personalities within a band, it is worth saying that it is not necessary to have one of each. Some bands have only one type of member many times a troop of veterans get together and in other occasions there is more than one shovel. But if something is clear is that whoever gets the shows, directly or indirectly, ends up being the leader of the group. At least in the early stages of gestation of the group. The shovel gets them to participate in a presentation of several groups in a small place but known among fans of the genre. The practices intensify and after several weeks they play for the first time. The energy, the adrenaline, the expectations all go to the ground after that first touch. Usually these small shows are made with speakers for the voice and direct amplifiers which lends itself to an uneven sound. Someone is always nervous, some notes are wrong and there are always accusing glances within the group. This "guiso" brings others and little by little the band begins to participate more than the aforementioned "scene". Friends usually go after they end up telling them how good they sound. Depending on how the person reacts, you can identify them with one of the groups mentioned above. It is in these moments that the group begins to plan and to dream about their next goals. The promotion of shows, the creation of new songs, the recording of a demo, etc. All these little miles along the road that is the life of the group fill the band with longing. It is now that they realize that the group has a projection and possible differences in direction may begin to awaken. While the relations with other bands begin to formulate and return more united, the group begins to receive positive support in the different online venues where the rock theme is the main one. This attracts people who think they can help the group through their connections to reach their maximum expression as quickly as possible. In the vast majority are people with little or no talent who take the opportunity to feed on the experience rockanrolera and satisfy personal egos. Sometimes it even manages to manifest opportunities that the group could not have done by themselves, but as I mentioned, it is not something that lasts. There is something that I have not mentioned that I think deserves to be mentioned. In almost all bands, there is always a member that through the life of the band, always falls behind as far as skill is concerned. Sometimes, the distance is such that the members and or the new manager have to emphasize the first difficult decision of the group... the change of member. How this decision is made has much weight in the future of the band. If this former partner is treated badly, others will have in the subconscious that if they were to leave at some point, it would be unpleasant. If it is done with tact and with gratitude for the time spent, the group will have taken a good step in the field of interpersonal relationships. Needless to say, a decision like this unites more to the other members, and at the same time creates an invisible barrier with the new ones. Some manage to cope, others carry it to the end. The Demo The next big step for the group is the beginning of the recording of their first demo. With demo in hand, they begin to multiply copies in their own homes and give out albums in the presentations of their group and other friendly bands. Wherever they put the songs. The Critique Here comes the second difficult test of the group... the critics. Usually when the band plays what they hear they are applause. Some real others for grief, but it's hard to hear a boo unless it's really crap. Many will give negative criticism in bad faith and others will give constructive criticism that turns out to be unpleasant for the recipient. This harsh reality is important in the life of the band. It's time to throw more desire. So while they receive criticism, both good and bad, and the touches continue to increase, the new goal becomes to rise as a locality. This is usually achieved by serving as an opening act for an outside band that comes to appear but it is difficult to figure out how to get such an opportunity. This is where the shovel and the handler of the group shine and show their true connections or their persistence and eagerness to achieve their mission. If you realize, having a band works just like a work resume. The experience is equally important and the places where it has been played before and with whom the stage has been shared make the group's biography the main tool to continue climbing. Always the most difficult are those first opportunities but once the ice is broken, the rest arrives or that is what one thinks from the inside. The Anfi... Already with that presentation and having shared on stage with so many local bands, the manipulation of the biography projects a trajectory worthy of playing anywhere from the minds of the members. Then they start announcing the foreign shows of summer and the light bulb goes on. Now if you are going to step on big stage. Before such a presentation reality hits their jaw and they realize they can not show up with the equipment crap they have. Then they begin to look lightly to buy. Others make life easier and buy Musicians Friend through the internet. And it is in this way that a bunch of beginners start the path of the debt to have instruments that go hand in hand with the image they want to present. A trip to the mall to buy new clothes and why not, a trip to the beauty salon for hair treatment. No detail can be left to cover. After all, it is the beginning of greatness. The show is given, hundreds of people see it, the band is excited again and filled with hope. Happiness is clear in your eyes. They have succeeded in repeating themselves over and over again. Success hits their doors and they have opened a band that attracted thousands of people and they played first. In addition, enduring being treated as a necessary inconvenience by the producer is another price to pay. After such a hit, they are the favorites among their friends and their new friends. Everyone is making presentations of multiple bands and everyone wants the band to play there. Of all the newspapers on the island, three cover the event and one mentions the name of the band. The cut goes to the group scrapbook as that first step to the top. It is here when the heads begin to collide and the discussions for control of direction are manifested. Others take liberties such as being late or not warning that they are not going to practice and tensions put the band in a fragile place. Some may even leave the band in this situation, especially if he is one of those pessimists who preached the sad reality from the beginning. Maybe it could be the veteran who sees the scenario get very complicated when he just wants to play. The reality of things is that this slap did not come down from the cloud to the band, but it let them see that there is no cloud and they were floating alone in the air. Or maybe not alone... they were accompanied by a bunch of other bands. Without a doubt there has to be a way to move forward and that is when they realize that one is nobody without a record portfolio. One well mixed with many songs and with very clear arrangements. The search for prices begins and then they realize that it is easier said than done. In general, getting someone to record a well-made record in Puerto Rico means paying at least two thousand dollars. In addition the hiring of a graphic artist to make the cover would be a couple of hundreds more and not to mention advertising, posters, public relations, etc. Of course this is pulling the best possible scenario in terms of cost. The group is in front of a minimum amount of seven thousand dollars to have their disk. At this juncture, one of three things usually happens that even unintentionally wanting ends many times at the beginning of the end of the band. Some are faster than others, some have the joy of not seeing any difficulty, but we are not talking about those. In the long run, the vast majority of Pop Rock groups end up in one of these three ways: 1. The band decides not to record an album, they keep playing but every time they get discouraged more and many times they continue their studies and work as a priority. The band increasingly receives less time until some decide to leave and as a group they decide to end the group's history there. The band decides to look for a lender, and in this way give all the disc rights, themes, arrangements etc. It is a daring move but if it took off, the next album would not need such an evasion maneuver. Now, if this were a real option, there would be no need to start having to write something like this. The real hit is then received under this scenario. After a long stage of promotion of a work that ended up being something far from what they would have liked to launch, they end up in fights and discontent and in the breaking of the band in the long run or in the aftermath. They never record the second album and there is very little money they see. On the other hand if there have been cases where the lender invests enough to make a noise that attracts some foreign label that believes that You can take money from the group. It is at this moment where the group thinks that it has reached the top. He signs with the label, receives an advance and records his second album with drums and cymbals and the latest in the dolls. Along with this come image changes, pressures in terms of material commercial enough, music lessons if any of the group was not up to grade and excessive presentations to promote the material. The band decides to pay for it themselves, and they begin the process of dividing the parties equally and try to work out a payment plan with the study and the first phase of costs. Usually in a group of four people we would be talking about five hundred dollars per person just for the recording. During this process there will be money fights, again for musical direction, each time an instrument is recorded there will be people giving their opinions, others who will not dare, and others who would like to be just in all decisions. In more occasions than in less, the vast majority of bands do not finish releasing the album. It stays in the air at a midpoint between mixing and duplication. From ten to twelve songs recorded without finishing to fix, with empty pockets, fought, egos mistreated and without a uniform vision for the band. If you add that many bands decide to get off the stage while they record, we are talking about that they have been out of the music scene for several months. Some return to play and try to make a couple of dollars, but in a stereotypical band show on any given day of the week, each band ends up pocketing about twenty dollars. Pathetic in itself, compared to the promoter of the event that takes about five hundred as a little. But these bands, for the most part, never belonged to the circle of bands of the local rock movement. They just alienated and played on their own and for the most part, this was always the way to do things and not a last option. The end always justified the means. However for those who did not take that path, the failure to release the album always stays with them and usually ends in the breakup of the group because the plan to live music, is finally unattainable. And it's time to say goodbye with pride. That is why, perhaps from the beginning, the expected goals and the desired results must be above all realistic. That does not mean that one should not give the maximum and should be discouraged from the beginning. But if from the first day the goal is heaven, anything on earth will be insignificant no matter how worthy it may be. Having different goals along a path is not only healthy, it makes sense. I remember a musician who once told me that his only goal was to be able to play live and play his songs and if he could record some. Each time he reached a goal, another was thrown later. His expectations were so personal and tangible that the achievements, although they did not reach heaven, deserved respect from his colleagues and should always keep him smiling when he reminds them. Every time I see it in the mirror, I remember it. You really are right and I am happy to know that in both groups that I belong have followed patterns similar to those you present, except the end, hehe. Without a doubt, I think something that has helped me personally as a musician is what you mention of having realistic goals. This has caused, as you describe, that once the goals have been met other more challenging and rewarding ones have been presented. I really am a living example of this and I hope, although I do not depend on, what better opportunities continue to appear. I think something common to all the groups that break up is something as simple as losing focus at the group level. As you mentioned, some get tired or decide to pursue other careers and ambitions, others become discouraged, etc. I really think that the success of a grouping is only going to be possible if each one of the members manages to maintain the same approach, although there are differences in the process. I do not lie to you that I feel very identified with your writing. You captured a reality that many bands know by their head but do not want to see it. I do not know why I get the mental image of a rider riding on a giant turtle holding a fishing rod with a carrot for the tortoise to walk. The moral during the time I've been in music is this: persistence is worth more than the talent or money you have. The more time you spend with your instrument, the more you master it and develop your talent. Money is always a determining factor and I tell you what I think about it. Following the theme... A drop that falls consistently on a stone eventually breaks it. Always taking into account that it is better to take a firm and slow step than a quick and disjointed one. Although, you are right in your comments, in a certain way pessimistic, you can not lower your guard because in the end those who become great in the are those of high convictions. This rule applies to all facets of life. Now if we talk about money In my opinion, the main mistake of many bands is to think that they will live exclusively from rock. The likelihood is that at some point you have to regress a day job are obvious. Exacerbated by the demands of the music industry, which are very onerous, it is not until several years that you can generate enough capital playing to survive in this way of life. Also, I do not know anyone who wants to have the luxury of eating every day chef boyardee or salchichitas Carmela. At the end of the day this does not bother me, I think it makes me a better person and keeps me touching. Reply ufff Says: February 25, 2009 at 3:04 pm very good writing! but; The persistence with shovel is what keeps people without talent living this lifestyle and buying letters and music. In puertorico there is a lot of good music, vocalists and not so good lyrics, that's the difference I see between us and the rest of Latin rock. Although many consider it a hobby, music is like medicine, you can not get a patient to operate for a hobby because you like or prescribe, if you do not know what you're up to, that happens. the part of who is who is brilliant, desifrastes the patio. There are other variants that have to be considered as rock comes out of a language very different from Spanish and the phonetic, articulation and musical pronunciation of rock are bn dependent on it. The satirisation of the feeling of Love has been abused through long years in the songs. the isolated that is puertorico even counting on the internet among others. Reply Enter your comment here... You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments via email. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. Post to Cancel% d bloggers like this:

Just in case you need clarification, nothing here other than what is written is mine. Okay, when I say "a lot of people" I mean three or four, but it's still a lot compared to those who asked me before publishing, that it was nobody. The problem is that I do not know what to say. Even when you already know what you are going to write about, the technique may not be of much use to you. To those who ask me how to write, I give them the only answers that come to mind... first of all, read. Read a lot, much more than what you write. Read the genre you want to write and then read about many other things. That is the only way I know to write. But even more important, persevere. Writing is not just creativity. The Muse goes down from time to time, and it's not as good as you're painted. In fact, the Muse is usually excited with the most idiotic ideas, and one has to control and polish everything. He wrote his book, which was huge, and took it to an editor to see it. The editor smiled wisely and said, "Well, you have to rewrite everything. And the young woman gave herself to edit the entire manuscript... The first version. If you do not know this image, under what stone have you lived? I think that many today think that feminism as an equivalent to machismo; a declare superior to the other based on sex. Others think it's a passé movement, which no longer makes sense because women already have equality. I would tell the former that there are many types of feminism, but that in general it is a movement for equality, not to "overcome" or leave behind the other. To the second I would say no, we do not have absolute equality. We can vote: that is possibly the only right that is fully recognized. And the situation has undoubtedly improved since the fight began. Second-wave feminism is in charge of matters of labor equality and in the family, of those annoying problems of de facto inequality, which are not mentioned but exist without many realizing that they are living them. For that reason, and no matter what Wikipedia says, it is still alive and present today, and you can not let it rest. The question: cultural identity or repression? If you think that being a mother is the highest point in a woman's life, do not read this. New: I found a page that explains the origin of this day in Mexico. It's how I feared it, in reaction to attempts at female liberation. Investigating about Mother's Day was more difficult than I expected. This era is a snuff, after all, and all the articles I found was a copy-and-paste of Wikipedia. For how dangerous it was to be a mother in those times, the least that could be given is a gift. And for the irritants that adolescents of these times are, too. The point is that the world will overflow with these dates. So I consider it my duty to throw a bit of my already traditional bitterness...... inherited curiously from my mother, who is worth mothers on Mother's Day. She was the one who made me curious to look for the origins of this festivity: she once said something about Michoacán and her hatred for abortion, or something like that. U lyrical homilies about the Virgin Mary. Divinizing the side of the woman that is desirable, of course. Praising "the mother," as that abstract and perfect thing that loves us and worships us, never hit us, their scolding was tender and for our own good. Needless to say, in addition, that only men can praise pregnancy in the way they do. They love the idea of ​​"taking life inside," and they long for the pregnant young lady, the young mother, who seems in perfect harmony with everything and enjoys a truly enviable inner peace. The mothers with whom I have spoken do not think the same, of course. That ballooning balloon does not like it, and stretch marks after delivery are not parents. In addition, the skin is hanging from how much it stretched. That the child moves and kicks is nice the first few times, then it just hurts or feels like it has gas that can not pass. Not to mention the decalcification suffered by the mother, and the hormonal imbalance that makes your hair very greasy, the skin dull, you get pimples... So or more corny? Not to mention drinking a dram, either. You could cause the child to be born with mental retardation. Or smoking - would be born with very little weight and could die. Not to mention that the moment you are born you stop being yourself to become "mom." Your needs, tastes and desires? Or to hire an immigrant nanny and be a "bad mother," one that everyone detests and sure does not receive anything on May 10. Of course, if you can come to work with eight months of growth, fix all your vacations and the two weeks of permission we give you for the period of delivery, we could consider it. If you want to be a mother, you can not be a clerk or worker or anything At the same time, the message of how being a mother is a small thing: the modern woman works. Dedicating to children is for losers. But you better not be a bad mother: there is no worse thing in this life. That is why today I am thinking of unconventional mothers - pariahs among mothers. In his words, Doris Lessing, mother. There is nothing more boring for an intelligent woman than spending too much time in the company of young children. I felt that I was not the best person to raise them. I would have ended up an alcoholic or a frustrated intellectual like my mother. "That's intelligence: learn from your mother and not make the same mistakes. Even if that goes against the very lauded "maternal instinct," surely some man also invented it, because research on oxytocin indicates that how much we love the children depends on chemistry. Yes, that of sacrificing for the son is done by anyone. But that of sending the son far away and living for oneself, that needs many hue... many ovaries, since we are girls. Finally, I dedicate this post to my mother, who, as I mentioned, is not very interested in this day. Too conservative for her, who is a woman and an individual rather than a mother. I know for sure this will amuse you, and for what it's worth, thanks for the ten hours of delivery, the hormonal imbalance and the wall syndrome! And thank you for the education you have given me, which allows me to bitterly enjoy a subject that nobody wants to touch. Very Nietzschean, and those who have read "The Twelve Seals" will realize that no, I never tire of talking about dead gods. The problem with this second presentation was precisely that it was too long: fifteen minutes after speaking, I looked at the speaker's sheets and realized that he still had five to read. After a while I did not understand anything: what about bears that put what? Maybe that's why I refused so much time to read these books. The three books of "Dark Matter" are a perfect example of why "children's literature" should be taken seriously. They are beautiful, written brilliantly, they pick up both poets and classic themes and are the only books with eggs to talk about sexuality. I could get poetic, I like them so much. For the same reason I will dedicate three deliveries, one per book... because if I wrote all three at the same time it would never end. This is not the case, but that will be explained in the other installments. The most different thing between the world that created Pullman and ours is that each and every one of us is accompanied by a daimon, a Greek term mistranslated to "demon" but which refers to an accompanying spirit. Wild to resist dirt and blood, to resist a trip through the whole world and to cheerfully eat a freshly killed whale kidney. That leads to receiving the golden compass, or alethiometer, a device that allows the user to find the answer to any question asked. Normally it takes literally a lifetime to be able to use it halfway, but Lyra is given naturally. He has too much class, too much elegance, he does what he wants with the most powerful politicians of the moment. But he wants to make Lyra a young lady well-suited and her own. This is related, of course, to the fact that it is also related to a very rough and different Catholic church; the Magisterium That's a basic, very basic outline of the plot of the first book. I'm short, but I do not want to say more. Something very complicated, but incredible. Pullman has a specific hypothesis that works during the three books, but only resolves in the third: Love is what saves us. Only love, and love includes romance, includes lust and sex. But the world of Pullman, like ours, has forgotten it. For the same reason, they try to separate children from their daimons - literally cutting their souls in two with the hope that even if the body grows, it never develops. and we always remain "innocent" as children. Not only that, but the young woman also develops a relationship of respect and mutual affection with Iorek Byrnison, the fallen leader of the polar bears. But still it is a contrast that the maximum representative of childhood in this book is not exactly what the church would like. Cover for the Spanish edition: note the originality of putting a scene from the film and now. But it is sad to know that such a wonderful book has a bad translation. We will have to demand a new one, but now that they are not going to make films, I find it difficult for anyone to be interested in paying for a translation. Two years ago I would say that I do it for free for love of art, but not anymore. I start to need my own money = P Otherwise there is no problem. The end can be a bit "strong" for younger readers. It's unexpected, it's wonderfully cruel... and proves once again how rude Lyra can be. Yes, in this book there are strong themes: there is no doubt. But they are issues that the children themselves will face sooner or later, why not introduce them through a book as beautiful as this is? Read it, now, now, why do you keep reading this? I can not find a reason not to do it: it is well written, charged with controversy, with attractive characters. The translation can not be so bad as not to read it for that, and the book itself is very much worth it. Very recommended for all those who have not given a chance. This book, published in 1973 by William Goldman, was adapted to a film in 1987. This obviously generated very high expectations, especially since I know that now this book is considered one of the great classics of juvenile literature. But that's maybe because of the movie, it usually happens. And for sure, I knew him by the famous phrase "Hello. My name is Iñigo Montoya and you killed my father. Prepare to die! "Yes, that phrase is all that I knew about this book. Maybe it's because they repeat it about 84 times roughly: "The Princess Bride," however, proved to be a reading... weird. The book tells the story of Buttercup, the most beautiful girl in the world when she decides to bathe, the number twenty when it is not fixed. She was born on a farm and falls in love with the groom, Westley, who leaves her to seek her fortune in America and then dies. And before they shout "Spoiler!! It is because I am telling them... it is not because the narrator of the story itself passes by telling everything that is going to happen beforehand. The narrator tells you in the instant that there will be a lion. The narrator is responsible for telling you about twenty pages before. The result, obviously, was a very boring book like Tristam Shandy. So Goldman cut him short and left him just the fun. But not only that: as the first time he knew the story of Buttercup was because his dad read it to him Goldman saw fit to leave all the comments of his dad between the reading. The book is fun, there's no doubt about that. Adult would not put, but a child would. The characters are fun and very recognizable. Both the characters and the situations are eccentric. The giant Fezzik, for example, able to fight with eight men at the same time, has as a hobby to make silly rhymes. The premises themselves are perfect for an adventure novel. If they can lose a leg, or a hand, or be ugly, but live. The important thing there is to know how they make you to live. No one is going to die yet, little one, is that okay? Let me read my unfortunate bears and now. These kinds of situations saturate the whole novel, and for me, they ruined many points. I already know that Buttercup is not going to be devoured alive by giant mice, it is not necessary to be told. If you are looking for a good juvenile type book, yes. If you just want the anecdote, you can do as a friend who said she did and skip all the interruptions of the narrator. You do not lose anything at all, I promise. Not anywhere you find a book with three narrators and thousands of narrative ellipses... In particular, this is the book I want to read to my children to put them to sleep. Very much... time passes, more interesting and own projects got in the way and I stopped seeing Japanese cartoons for many years. Well, for like two years, but that's a lot when you miss two or three series a month. Every time I try to see anime again my biggest problem is that there are too many and I do not know where to start, the vile amount of series available scare me and I do not see anything finally. Hetalia, adapted to anime in 2008, is a highly recommended series. It's funny, it has good animation, not too long and even learn something of universal history. If you study you studied international relations or history you can not miss it, and in fact you will understand so many jokes that others could leave. Everything revolves around Italy, an anthropomorphic representation of... Italy. The most famous battles in the world are summarized in one-minute jokes in which the characters fight with kitchen tools. Italy usually retires in the most cowardly way possible. The drawings are adorable, and the fact that the series did not air the animation is quite good. The second section is called "Chibi-talia", and since "chibi" is a prefix for "small", it tells the story of when all these countries were... small. These sections are disgustingly tender and I can not say more. It's all so tender that I would say "aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! The problem... is precisely how tender everything turns out to be. I know that many are going to make "Agh" face to this, but how good is it to soften the two greatest wars of humanity? The Second War is still a manual to follow for the most calculated and cold atrocities in history. The answer is because then it would not be a very funny anima. Nor does it keep its original purpose. If you want to laugh for a while, see Hetalia. If you know about international politics, see Hetalia. If you do not have much time, see Hetalia. If you want to learn about the many military defeats of France and laugh at while, see Hetalia. This is a series that is worth a lot, very much worth it, and at least I can not wait for the movie to come out by the middle of this year. If it were possible, in fact, I would love to get your tesxtos and put them here... but I think that in the case of Dr. Ana María, she got everything out of her chest, and I do not know if she remembers it for me to dictate or something. Yes, it was a beautiful presentation. Followed by a party of epic levels... oh epics. It's a text that I liked a lot, and it's also very personal, because it talks about four years of constant work. Please, wait some minutes and refresh this page.

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