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My main objective is to deliberate the similarities and differences that relate to that Mexico of yesterday focused on the context of my world through this work it is easy to identify ourselves with the protagonist and transport us to Mexico that is currently lived. The author shows us a Mexico full of problems such as the corruption of the country, modernization, foreign invasion, the effort of citizenship to better their social level represented in the story of a child Carlos where we will focus on the social aspect that surrounds them. I remember I do not remember What year was that? Paco Malgesto narrated the bullfights. Puerto Rican boleros, horror movies, year of Poliomyelitis. The disease was described by the German orthopedist Jacob von Heine in 1840. They began to eat all kinds of fast foods such as hamburgers, butter, peanut butter. Historic flood in Mexico City. In Mexico, 60% of suicides in minors are due to bullying: specialist. Review sources of information, research and select a natural phenomenon that has occurred in your community. A relevant fact tends to evolve the way of being and acting; to perceive and transform the physical, cultural and social context that surrounds and defines human beings. This forces us to know and analyze causes and effects of certain events, to determine their transcendence and to understand the complexity of their consequences. You will write a text of an extension of 3 pages, where you describe a historical event of your locality, in a document in word processor. Interview someone about a relevant historical event that happened in your area. Sociocultural context of the work Describe and argue. Characteristics of the work from the author Describe and argue What philosophical ideas are expressed in the work? The main philosophical idea is to expose Mexican life, exposing vices, defects and virtues that overwhelm society. Story; For the narrative form of events of that time as the experiences of the peasants.

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