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to. to do Do your homework.Do your homework.2. to prepare We will meet this weekend to make the presentation. We will meet this weekend to prepare the presentation. to. I was told to do the dishes but I had already done it. I told me to wash the dishes but I had already done it.6. to. to make He made a new friend at school. I made a new friend at school.7. to. to make He made her cry.He made her cry.8. to. to think I made the house alone.I thought there was nobody at home.9. to. to make Pain made my life miserable.The pain made my life a misery.10. to. Do do what I say. Do as I say.11. to. to make look That hairstyle makes you older.That hairstyle makes you look older.12. to. to make It is said that the doctor makes up to six figures.They say the doctor makes at least six figures.b. to earn My little brother made a fortune selling lemonade. My little brother earned a fortune selling lemonade.14. to. We did 150 miles on the last trip. We did 150 miles on the last vacation. b. to cover We can do more distance if we go out at night. We can cover more distance if we leave at night. to. to make for oneself A silk dress was made.She made herself a silk dress.verbo pronominal19. to act Do not play dumb with me.Don't act the fool with me.20. to. without direct translation hurt somebody hurt somebodyme did graceI thought it was funny16. to. to cause to look or seem this mirror makes you gordothat mirror makes you look or seem fat18. to. without direct translation do the tontoto act the foolhacer the valance act like a hooligan19. to. to play plays the role of the daughter of the reyshe plays the king's daughter20. to. to think, to reckon at this time I made you in ParisI thought or reckoned you would be in Paris by now21. to. without direct translation make someone do some make somebody do somethinghas made him angry and made him angryme made me laugh made me laugh22. to. without direct translation make it be done algoto have something donevoy to make this dress dyeI'm going to have this dress intransitive dyedverbo23. to. without direct translation let me do to melet me do it24. to. without direct translation do deto play25. to. without direct translation, do as act act ifhaz as if you do not care as if you do not care26. to. to cook 30. a. to make oneself make a dress make oneself a dress31. to. without direct translation hurt hurtelf oneself32. to. to become Muslim become a Moslemto become old grow old33. to. no direct translation has been made very short seemed very short34. to. without direct translation to be illusions to get one's hopes to become an idea of ​​somebody imagine what something is like35. to. without direct translation being the funny the simpaticoto try to act the comedian the nice guydo the distraidoto pretend to be thousands away36. to. without direct translation do to algoto get used to something37. she will be made of bricks she did nothing to help us she did not do anything to help us; do everything possible to arrive in time from everything possible to arrive on time to make love to make love to make war to wage war to do what we are going to do to you! we've really gone and done it now! sth; to have sth made; he made a jersey he made himself a jumper; Did you do many photos? SendYour comments have been sent.

This is one of the most common questions of recruiters. The employer knows exactly what he is looking for in a candidate and now what he expects from you is that you show your plus. Self-confidence is not equal to pride. A foolish and excessive positive appreciation of your qualities will make you look like people with a lack of self-criticism. Show your interviewer that you are prepared to perform all the tasks required by the position with seriousness, responsibility and above all, with a realistic perspective of your possibilities. Leadership without authoritarianism: Being a leader is having initiative and the ability to work independently but having in account to others. The leadership sought by entrepreneurs is based on companionship. Knowing how to work with others and provide support and encouragement when necessary, but also have an independent criterion and not get carried away by the influences of the environment. Enthusiasm but not despair: You want that job and you know you can do it better than anyone else. The key is to focus on that unique contribution that you can provide and not on the need to be hired. Emphasize your desire to bring new ideas to the company, to demonstrate your capabilities. The employer does not just want to know how beneficial the position is for you, but how useful it will be for you. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills, which have already been carefully presented in your CV. Now, you must show that you are more than a set of skills, you must show your passion, your commitment and your confidence in yourself with the goal of being hired. Answer this question by underlining your ability to transform all this knowledge into a positive and observable result for the company. Highlight your experience or your learning speed and show your genuine enthusiasm for working in the company. Finally, remember that you have the necessary profile for the position and meet all the requirements; and take care to show that you can do that job better than anyone else! The best answers: what is your greatest strength? The best answers: tell us about you Best Answers: how do you see yourself in 5 years? If you want to receive our most interesting content weekly, leave us your email. Twitter Adecco Tweets by @adecco_es. You may not like candy, but this website uses cookies to offer you a better user experience. If you continue browsing, we understand that you agree to include them in your daily menu of work tips.

someone knows how they open the liru sisa 13 3 Funny Visit meme What are you doing here neighbor? Funny Visit meme you are and what are you doing here? 5 3 1 1 When your partner becomes incapacitated and leaves you alone in the guard. You are a ntonstrug! 3 2 1 If your dog has 3 puppies, one large, one medium and one small. The big one you sell at $ 300 and the medium one at $ 200. I do not want it anymore because I'm already on the fart. 2 You and I this February 14 think about Arucha 1 1 Do you know why it's called the day of love and friendship? Because you feel love and her friendship. 1 Claudiaa Hi, are you my friend's friend, right? I am emputadisima and if you do not want to lose that hair I recommend you stop walking zorr 1 When your best friend writes All friends are false and you can not trust anyone. 1 When you know that you already loaded the bugle and make your last effort to save the semester.

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