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Octavio Salazar bursts into a declaration of principles that says "enough" to the "aggressor model" of male violence that "shakes the foundations of society." Self-portrait of a dissident male is written as a fictionalized biography, in which he seems to review the parameters of his own behavior. In fact, the writer confesses such an approach in the prologue: "This is the story of a man who dared to look in the mirror and decided to break the bars of the cage of his manhood. However, he took the step to make visible his act of renouncing the model he questions. Self-portrait of a dissident male is understood as "a recognition of the emancipating force of feminism that men can also exercise". In that sense, it fulfills the idea of ​​Virginia Woolf's novel, when she said that "first of all she had to be alive". I've spent my life denying strategies, questioning expectations, I've always lived in gerunds.

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Today I have prepared a post very requested by you through the email: tips for writing an admission essay. Whether they are in the last year of high school and want to enter a good university, or if I like to pursue a graduate degree, these tips have always served me throughout my career, because it is very common for us to be assigned write essays Every time I enter a contest or apply for something I see how many participants omit certain rules. If you want to apply for a scholarship or for a place at the university, the institution that offers most of the occasions will give you a list of the topics on which you must write. Always think about what you are talking about so as not to deviate from the subject. Choose a branch of this and place it in context. Do not forget other requirements such as the document format and its length. Although it seems boring that you have to assign a topic to write, it has always been useful to remember what I am passionate about. Give personality to your writing. Do not be afraid to show an insecurity, a restlessness or a dream. Before sitting down to write, prepare a structure so that later you do not feel lost. When I think of a post for my blog I do not feel like writing it and that's it. First I'm in charge of preparing a structure, that is, all the points that I will address and I create intertitles. For this essay he designs a micro to macro or macro to micro order of ideas. Whatever model you use always seeks to generate uncertainty and amazement. Avoid being predictable, do not say everything at once. Creativity is more important than anything else, a short title should not be: "The profession" or "My career". I know it seems exaggerated but it's amazing how many people do this on a daily basis, there are even newspapers that still head this way. Do not make a title of more than 4 words and avoid articles like the, the, the, unless it is strictly necessary. If your title is understood without them, it is because you do not need them. This goes hand in hand with how you structured your essay. However, it should be treated separately because it depends on this that it is worth your admission. When it comes to scholarships or new income, the best universities look for their students to be an investment. That is, they look for managers who are not workers. Think big, but be realistic. Although the length of your essay is determined by the number of pages or the number of characters, nobody likes to read long paragraphs. The ideas have to be concise. Make an idea by paragraph and enter the next. Since nobody knows everything you have to use quotes to argue your analysis and what you propose. Here is an article that explains the different ways of quoting. Read the essay many times before sending it. Ask others to read it and explain it to you. A good essay should be understood in the first reading. Accept advice and suggestions and perfection. I recommend you read this explanation about words of the same name that could help you correct. Most verbs are accompanied by prepositions. This placed it separately from the previous one because one of the main errors that are committed at the time of writing and speaking is the improper use of prepositions. Although we do not believe it, this can change the meaning of what we want to say. I invite you to read this guide to help you correct. Today it became my best letter of introduction and the perfect excuse to combine passion with my career. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Receive new posts via email. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

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