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Yes No Sorry, an error occurred. You make me lose my valuable time answering you?? Listen to me one thing, if you do not know English, write it in Spanish and then take it to a teacher and she will translate it for you. That the fart is the people, please! Load a file of more than 100 x 100 pixels. We are having some problems, try again. You can only upload photos under 5 MB. You can only upload videos under 600 MB. You can only upload a photo or a video. You can only upload a photo or a video. Can you please translate Spanish into English? More questions Can you help me translate this English conversation into Spanish? 21 answers Did my girlfriend tell me that I have to take her urine, what do you think? 7 Answers Hello favorite music? 17 answers More questions I have not bathed for two weeks? 21 Answers Why Virgo women get very angry without their being right? 4 Answers What happens if my girlfriend is fat but you see her busty?

There is no excuse for forgiving my delay in completing this writing; in whom the responsibility falls is in me. In me and in my foolish idea of ​​not knowing what to write about love. I dared to begin an essay on that subject: a muddle of my ideas, embodied in 4 pages of a pathetic content of empty and lifeless words. I was very surprised that Master Rangel did not tell me his mother electronically after reading my supposed essay. I'm thinking, just at this moment when my fingers dance on the computer keys; in dedicating this essay to very important people. So, this is dedicated with special and very affectionate affection to those who have made my ideas about love so complicated to express on a blank page. Maybe laughing at this newbie who tries to write about you when there are so many talented scholars who have already done so. I'm trying, but you know? if a poet could do it then the reader would think that he is most in love with his partner, but no! I explained to you the reason why I did not want you to approach a meter to me. There are so many ideas that I have about you that words become too few to be able to express myself. You have many faces; many ways of seeing ourselves, those that fall before you in front of each of your apparitions. I'll tell you a big secret of mine, just because I know you're dumb and also deaf: Love, you scare me. Nothing is immortal Love, much less things that are really beautiful like you. Because nobody would want to keep them. Love, you give me fear because you are beautiful, you are so beautiful and fragile... I do not want your beauty to end ever, and that is why I have avoided you for a long time. I do not want to keep the immortal memory of something that was so beautiful at the time but that for some reason or another, has been valid or invalid, strong or weak, ended with you. Whenever I feel love someone, be it family, friendship or partner, I can not help thinking or imagining what would happen if that love ended. We will both be left with only a memory that no matter how hard we try, we can not kill or erase our memories. An essay on the subject of love.

It must be easy to write in this and it has to be attractive for you. Some personal journals are linked so that they open completely, which makes writing easier. Others may have spaces to store a pen or pencil or some of your treasured memories. Small personal diaries are easier to take wherever you go. You can buy a personal diary with a design that you like or personalize one with decals, photographs or graphic designs. Since it is a personal diary, obviously you will want to write in this one at least once a day. You may want to focus on a specific topic such as fiction or a new sport that you have begun to perform. 3 Choose a moment to write in your personal diary. This may be right when you get home or a little before bedtime. Nevertheless, You can choose another time to write. If you manage to set a time to write in your personal diary, there is a greater chance that you will maintain this routine. If writing in your personal diary begins to feel like a chore, you could stop doing it. Therefore, it continues to make the writing pleasant. Make sure your goals are reasonable. Take it as a way to download everything that has happened to you on bad days and to record good days, so that you can always remember them. Write a list of general topics that you can write about. If one day you do not know what to write, you can choose a topic from the list and use it as a starting point. Place your phone number or email address on the outside or inside of the cover of your personal diary. In this way, if you lose it, the person who finds it can return it to you. If you can not write one day, try to do it later. You can make some notes of what happened that day and then write an article in your personal diary when you have time. If you use your entire personal diary, start writing in a new one. You can replace the pages with some personal journals. In that case, you should get them in advance in case the company stops doing them. Keep your old personal journals in a safe place and write the date you started and finished writing. Find a way to keep a pen or pencil in your personal diary, even if it does not have a space for it. You will not want to waste your time if you have to find something to write with. Be careful to let other people read your personal diary. You might think it's okay to let your friend see what is written. However, if they have a discussion and your friend decides to tell your deepest secrets written in your personal diary to everyone you know? If you write very personal topics in your personal diary that you do not want anyone else to read, you will have to protect it. on the first page, but this will only work if the person who sees your personal diary does so by chance and also respects your privacy. You can put an insurance or a lock to make anyone open it, but this will not help much if you take your personal diary out of your room or house. Some personal journals have insurance that will maintain the privacy of what you have written. Just make sure you have the key and that you can cut and replace the padlock if it is lost. You can write in a code, since it is an almost infallible way that nobody reads your most secret thoughts. As long as you choose a code that is not very simple to decipher. Having a code in writing could make your writing more like a task, so consider only writing the secret information in this way. If you do not make an effort to take care of your personal diary and leave it open to the public, do not be surprised or angry if other people read it. It is your responsibility to maintain the security of your personal diary. Do not put your home address or much personal information in your personal diary. What you want is for the person who finds it to communicate with you and return it to you. You do not want this to serve as an invitation to stalkers or other dangerous people. Do not try to write in your personal diary all the time or while experiencing an event. First, live your life and then write about it. If you continue to use our site, you will be accepting our cookies policy.

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