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The main theme of my essay is about what are the differences and similarities of present Mexico with Mexico described in the novel. In reviewing these changes I will have the necessary tools to get a conclusion of how we look or differ from Mexico before. In this essay I will highlight which customs, ideologies or social problems are still present in the current era, as well as how the lifestyle of the population has changed. We will analyze the changes in different areas, such as politics, ideology, customs and the social environment in order to obtain a clear comparison of current Mexico and Mexico as reflected by the author. Remember the words of Confucius "who does not know his history is condemned to repeat his mistakes". All these elements are key pieces to be able to start a comparative analysis with the current era. Next I will analyze some ideas expressed within the text with which I can make my comparison. Currently almost the entire population has television and radio at home and many times more than one, thanks to new technology tools, mobile devices with internet connection have simplified communication and the exchange of information. Japanese Chinese Chinese: eat poop and do not give me. In the end I can say that Mexico has not changed much in the political and social, many of the current problems already existed and continue to exist. In habits, habits and technology if we see a great leap in society, as well as the increase in technology and the opening to new ideas have changed our country and its inhabitants. We still need to learn a lot, both from the past and the present, in order to have bases for the Mexico of the future. Work: Mexico through the centuries.

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I just wrote one about some Indians. but I'm not going to send it to any contest because I think there are books mejroes. Yes No Sorry, there is a problem. My longest story I've written has about 50 p. Well, there are many topics to write. Now the inspiration has come to me and maybe I am the one who writes it haha. No, man, I go more other issues. And do not cut yourself and send the best story you have to a publisher. Protector Chapter 1 A night with rain by the year 1630, suddenly a strange noise is heard. It was the noise of a povora fired from a small cannon called a pistol. A man ran down a narrow alley, had a tired breath and could hardly run. It seemed that he had not slept for nights. Some men ran after him to reach him. In the distance, the figure of a tall and a little old building was perceived. It was a structure that opened in 1603 called as Mossasan. All these sects were against something or someone, but almost always want to reveal secret that humanity was unaware. Other of these sects tried that those secrets do not come to the light in a word "to protect the humanity". He took from his pocket a kind of knife made of a piece of wood and a little thin metal. In the other pocket of the jacket was a small box with several symbols. From the book he cut leaves to the same extent as the box, put inside the box and closed the book. He put it back in its place and looked for a place to hide. The men who persecuted him became part of a very old secret sect called Sertender. They tried to eliminate the sororities and witnesses who wanted to reveal the secrets of religion. Sertender was the brotherhood that protected humanity, they were also called προστάτης, it means protector of the Greek. They believed in one God and would want to do everything possible for everyone to believe in him. His plan was to eliminate all those who lacked the belief of God. There were scientists who began to explain Theories and suppositions. That delayed the protector's project because people were no longer so Christian after hearing those theories. This sect began to be divided, and there were almost no followers of God and remained forever closed. Until now that brotherhood was created again thanks to the followers of Sertender. I give you a little preview of mine to give you ideas, do not copy Chapter 1 - It's my life and I do what I like with my life! This morning I'm late for class. The truth is that I do not have very clear what I'm going to do with my life when I enter university, I have no idea that I want to study. I'm very nervous, there are only a few weeks to go to college and I still do not know what to study, I do not know if Miriam will go to Washington or not and she is my best friend, my only friend. I'll have to pretend - I understand you, I'm also very nervous. Apropos, do you know what to study? Finally I chose a career, I decided that I want to be a writer so I will study literature. When I arrived, I went to the address and they gave me the key to my room. After walking and walking, I found the rooms and started looking for my room. My name is Jeanne, I study psychology, it's nice to meet you - Or, for a moment you scared me. By the way, do you know where the literature room is? After many hours the classes were finally finished. I went back to my room and took a shower, I put on more comfortable clothes, I removed my makeup and I turned on my laptop to watch anime. I left the university and I walked home because it was 3 blocks away. Load a file that is more than 100 x 100 pixels We are experiencing some problems, try again. You can only upload photos less than 5 MB in size. You can only upload videos less than 600 MB in size. You can only upload a photo, or a video. You can only upload a photo or a video. What theme would you choose to write a book? More questions Theme to write a book? And what would be your main motivation? 9 answers Do you recommend books? 5 Answers Would you recommend books? 8 Answers How do I fall in love with a heartbreaker or playboy?

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