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I would like to know the exact steps to follow. Follow 10 replies 10 Report abuse Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No Sorry, an error occurred. The first paragraph contains an introduction, in which you can enter dates, data, etc. without entering or mentioning the main topic but leaving open questions on the subject. The next paragraph is the development of the topic, clearly what you want to talk about. The third and last paragraph is the conclusion, in which you will answer the questions in the first paragraph with the information of the second, it should be brief and concise. Greetings I hope it serves you something. Rehearse, weigh, test, recognize and examine. Therefore, the essay is a generally brief writing, on very different topics. It is not defined by the object on which it is written but by the attitude of the writer before it; in the end, it could be a hypothesis, an idea that is tested. The essay is a product of long meditations and reflections, the essential thing is its sense of exploration, its audacity and originality, it is the effect of the adventure of thought. The essay requires your own experience. You can write an essay on any subject and discipline as long as you meet the criteria you require. To correctly elaborate your written work, use most of your reasoning skills. Apply critical thinking strategies take into account that the process of thinking is not linear, sometimes you may feel confused, but ask yourself questions that guide you to correctly prepare a written work, although this process is not evident in the final product. Origins and development of the essay. The word "trial" and its use in Spain. The encoding of the text and the implied author. The essay does not intend to be exhaustive. The subjective in the essay: the essay as confession. The dialogical character of the essay. The essay as a way of thinking. Continuation of the tests in chronological order. The trial lacks a rigid structure. The essay in its function of suggesting to the reader. The essay reader must be an active member. Under any pretext, an essay may be born. The will to style in the essay. Form and classification of the essay. The essay and the related forms of expression. Source: In this address all the preceding points are developed. It will be easy for you to do an essay. 4. each topic is developed in one paragraph by subtopic. Of course, you always start with an introduction and you end up with a conciliation * everything has to be interrelated. This means that to the aesthetic concern and the creation of expressive resources is added a utilitarian desire: the approach and debate of topics of current interest. The use that Rodrigo Zeledón makes of the genre in order to "awaken interest in our young generations by the attractive problems that the wide field of biological sciences presents us" is a good example of this feature. With this it is emphasized that it is not an irresponsible discourse but a text that obviates the theoretical apparatus and the aridity of the formulas and pictures in order to increase the readability and explanatory capacity. The last definition to be analyzed is that provided by Alfonso Reyes: "the essay is literature in its ancillary function". In fact it is a type of writings which fits well the name of "article of humanities" Another of the writings very close to the essay is the journalistic article. L. Ferrero considers it as one of its variants, although with the warning that his subjects are frequently transient. In contemporary newspapers coexist the absolutely irrelevant materials and the real essays, that is, pieces that will survive by their message. For example, the main work of the Costa Rican Cristián Rodríguez has been rescued from the newspapers and included in the book. This means its productive simplicity, its ability to communicate directly. Of course, these are not prohibitions: the freedom of the genre allows include them occasionally. Briefness can be declared a virtue of the essay. However there are long enough virtuous trials. The short extension allows you to publish them more easily, obtain more readers, produce a more direct effect, write them more quickly and with the appropriate opportunity. Regarding this feature says J.L. The exchange, both between essayist and reader as between essayist and different authors, is another characteristic of the genre. The writer addresses a non-specialized audience for whom he interprets a topic. This means presenting to you, logically orchestrated by yours, the opinions of those who have dealt with the subject. A corollary of the exchange function that the essay has is the persuasive character. In order to fulfill this character, in the essay, the data and concepts will be arranged in such a way that a thesis is evident. The difference with respect to the conventional scientific expression and with the literature itself is the particularity of that treatment. The first feature that should be observed in this respect is the ideological function. A concept of ideology that could be accepted in a general way is that of conception of reality from a particular perspective. If one considers that this perspective is that of the writer, it could be inferred that it is not that of science, which is a practice that does not have to coincide with that of individuals in particular. That is why it is often opposed ideology to science. Indeed, the essay is ideological insofar as it is not limited to science but seeks to transcend it or precede it. On the other hand, the ideological function manifests itself in the text as an effort that the writer has to persuade with respect to his way of seeing things. One of the most influential essays that has been written says on its final page: Communists consider it unworthy to conceal their ideas and purposes. They openly proclaim that their objectives can only be achieved by overthrowing the entire existing social order by violence. The ruling classes may tremble before a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose in it other than their chains. They have, however, a world to win. Proletarians of all countries, unite. Ideology does not consist in specific ideas but in the procedures by which the facts are analyzed. The ideological function is a condition present in all forms of literature. It is, in fact, essays inserted in works of imagination. A fortiori, the essay itself is an ideological manifestation. With regard to this phenomenon, what is proposed is not to suppress in the essay the particular vision of the facts but, at least, to make it explicit and to let glimpse the foundations of the analysis. Associated with the ideological function of the essay, this is the categories of analysis that sustain it, is the system of thought, the intellectual procedures with which it runs. The essayist is proposing his position on the subject through a series of propositions that carry an order. One of the orders is the inductive, a word that is not used in the strict sense it has in philosophy. It is about the essayist accumulating evidence of what he wants to prove and, in the end, enunciate the idea demonstrated. This technique can be observed even in a brief example: As long as there is not enough water in a town, you almost do not think about anything else. When a supply medium is finally installed, you no longer think about water. Abundance kills desire and gives rise to new aspirations. The other basic order is the deductive, a term that is not used as specifically as in philosophy, but which serves to call the reasoning that goes from general statements to particular statements. In this case, the essayist raises concepts of more or less widespread acceptance and begins to shed implications of them. The inductive orders and deductive are not always well appreciated at paragraph level, but they manifest themselves more clearly in larger segments. On the other hand, both can coexist in the same job. The possibility of ordering inductively or deductively the essay starts from the detailed analysis of the subject on which it is essayistically reflected. R. Descartes in his famous work Rules for the direction of the mind proposes the need to divide each of the difficulties that are examined in as many parts as possible and as necessary to better resolve them. The product of that division constitutes the list of matters dealt with in the trial; the choice of the inductive or deductive order gives, on the other hand, the distribution of those matters in the text. All of them are equally good for me and I never intend to exhaust them, because I do not contemplate any of them entirely. "A balance between the Cartesian and Montaigne conceptions is possibly what produces the best modern essays, the student who must prepare essays for evaluation purposes. and, perhaps, to those who want to explore the possibilities of the genre to communicate their contents in a different way Establishment of the intention In any writing work, we start with a clear determination of its purpose This book deals with the central theme of our times: of the domination and liberation of men and of peoples, which is also the radical theme of human existence, and therefore, a basic idea of ​​the history of man.In the shorter texts, journalistic essays or more literary, it is not so frequent that the intention is made explicit, nevertheless it is essential that whoever prepares to prepare one does so as a first Bibliographic research A second step in the production process of an essay is to investigate the contents that you want to develop. The bibliography is the basis of this work. The objective is to broaden criteria, contrast with other people's positions, know the background of the discussion about it. They are not important appointments because so-and-so or mengano said them, but because of their own effectiveness. And the fact of pointing them out as quotations is only for the purpose of indicating that they are not of your own harvest, but that they are part of the cultural fund that you are trying to review. The ideas derived from the bibliography can be very important but it is necessary that they are even more those of the essayist himself. Elaboration of the design In literature design is denominated to the disposition that the author decides to give him to the information of the text. It is really the product of your creativity. The way in which the writer arranges his ideas in the text can be very personal. For this reason, a suggestion may be unnecessary for many people. However, for didactic purposes, it is possible to propose a guide. The following is a structure applicable to the trial. No speech would be heard or any written material read, if its recipient had no motivation. Classical oratory perpetuated the need to prepare the soul of the audience and win their benevolence in an initial section that was called an exordium. Modern journalism proposes making a striking entrance, which captures interest. The essay can take advantage of those tips. See some examples: The rain that refreshes and moistens the earth and the sun that heats and dries it, contribute equally to the maintenance of life. A ghost crosses Europe: the phantom of communism. He had finished the school year tired and felt the need to rest. For me this is to do the opposite of when I "work", I bought twenty police novels and went to the beach. Very often, the role of capturing the reader's attention is done through a textual quote. In the classic discourse this is a brief mention of the general thesis that is intended to promote. This resource is usually presented in the first paragraphs of the essay. So, my purpose is not to teach the method here that each one must follow to lead his heart well, but only show how I have tried to lead mine. A procedure that in the discourse and in the relatively extensive text helps a lot, is to enumerate the subjects that will be treated. Consider some examples: This essay includes, first, several introductory chapters. Then come three big "issues" related to poverty. Finally a Conclusion appears, which aims to give meaning to the economic effort of man. It has a certain intimacy, like all remembrance. There is the collaboration of you in it; in other words, of many others. The division or mention of the points to be treated predisposes to understanding and allows us to follow the expository thread. Each of the proposed points for the trial will be developed in the order that suits. There should be a space to review the fundamental aspects of the development of the trial. This can be done within a section called "conclusion" or not, but must be at the end of the work in order to tie the loose ends. In short: it seems that particles can fall into black holes that then vanish and disappear from our region of the universe. The particles split into small universes that separate from ours. It is possible that these universes reintegrate at some other point. They may not do much for space travel, but their presence means that we will be able to predict less than we expected, even if we found a complete unified theory in recent years, several researchers have begun to study the small universes. I do not think anyone gets rich patented as a way of space travel, but they have become a very interesting field of research. Elaboration of the scheme Once the design is established, it is worth saying that the general form of organization of the essay, it is convenient to prepare a drafting scheme. Under each of the major issues can go pointing the ideas that will be considered there. In passing, it is worth studying the possibility of introducing some type of subdivision of the writing through titles. However, relatively short texts do not usually include any type of separations. These criteria are dealt with more extensively in the section "Textual technique of the trial". The scheme is an essential tool for the generation of a broad text. The time invested in its improvement and development will be recovered in the drafting process. Writing Based on the prepared outline and all the happy improvisations that arise, the writing begins. Typically, several successive drafts are required. The result, according to a generalized writing precept, can be saved some days between one version and another. It is convenient to accept them with resignation and be able to renounce large fragments once considered perfect, or have to write new material to broaden an issue. Here are some specific writing resources. Order of information Order is the criterion by which information is classified in a text. It is called chronological order to which allows to distribute the information according to the time criterion. This way of organizing information dominates the reference of historical facts, the processes of elaboration or transformation of products, etc. Consider an example: In the beginning man reaped without sowing. It fed on the natural fruits of the sea and the earth. The right to property had not been born. There was only the instinct of the cave itself. He sowed and harvested for himself and his family. The trade had been established. On the other hand, the procedure of relating the information according to similarities and differences takes the name of comparative order. It is a typical manifestation of all contrasting reasoning. A town without heroes, and if it manages to have them, it destroys them or forget them, which is another way to destroy. On the other hand, cause-effect is a way of ordering a text in which the reasons and consequences of a situation are mentioned. See an example: Man, at present, is not in a hundred already subjected to this selection. The use of links in the wording helps to better illustrate the relationships between ideas; However, it is necessary to treat this resource with restraint in order not to overload the text. Rhetorical resources Rhetoric is the technique of good saying, of giving language efficacy to delight, persuade or move. He is usually associated with oratory, as this pioneering art is concerned with using all possible means to achieve its persuasive effect. The essay, being a form of literature in which the desire to convince stands out, has rhetoric as one of its main means. Below are some of these figures that can be applied in the trial. It is the brief and energetic exposition of a profound teaching. However, production and war can be sources of frustration. Even the noblest steeds, spurred on excess, run wild and disperse, if the brake of another culture is not applied in time. Ideas are placed in ascending or descending order. Gather apparently contradictory ideas to highlight the depth of thought. Contrapose some thoughts to others, some words to others to highlight the main idea. The homeland must be taken as an altar to offer our life, and not on a pedestal to rise above it. Express the effect in the form of a question whose answer is not ignored. Exaggerates a truth to inculcate it with more force. Ezra Pound looks like a group of poets from different schools. Gives life to inanimate beings. Load a file of more than 100 x 100 pixels. We are having some problems, try again. You can only upload photos under 5 MB. You can only upload videos under 600 MB. You can only upload a photo or a video. You can only upload a photo or a video. Addiction for life 1st trial? More questions Essay: loneliness? 7 answers Any ideas please for an innovative project? 6 answers What school from Mexico do you recommend to study for a flight attendant? 4 answers More questions With high school in a single exam can I continue studying nursing at a university? 4 answers Is it in Japan later or earlier than in Spain? 6 answers What happens if I left without canceling the University and it occurs to me to enter the next year? Will I be able to re-enter?

He ​​already depends on the form and style that he will write his thesis. It condenses and reaffirms its position in a clear manner. For example, an essay that expresses itself against euthanasia, in the concluding part, can expose a quick review of the main arguments against that practice. José MartíEsa de racista is still a confusing word and we must make it clear. Man does not have any special rights because he belongs to one race or another: tell yourself man, and all rights are already being said. Everything that divides men, everything that specifies, separates or corners it is a sin against humanity. But there ends just racism, which is the right of the Negro to maintain and prove that his color does not deprive him of any of the capabilities and rights of the human species. The black man who proclaims his race, when what he perhaps proclaims only in this erroneous form is the spiritual identity of all races, authorizes and provokes the white racist. The white that is isolated, isolates the black. The black that is isolated causes the white to isolate itself. In Cuba there is no fear of race war. Political parties are aggregates of concerns, aspirations, interests and characters. The essential similar is sought and found above differences in detail; and the fundamental of the analogous characters merges in the parties, although in the incidental or in what is postponable to the common mobile they differ. But in sum, the similarity of the characters, superior as a factor of union to the internal relations of a color of graduated men and in their sometimes opposite degree, decides and prevails in the formation of the parties. The affinity of the characters is more powerful among men than the affinity of color. Blacks are too tired of slavery to voluntarily enter the slavery of color. Men of pomp and interest will leave on one side, white or black; and generous and selfless men will leave for another. Two racists would be equally guilty: the white racist and the black racist. Many whites have already forgotten their color, and many blacks. In Cuba there is never war of races. that he could not deny in freedom the rights that the Spanish recognized in the servitude. And in the rest, each one will be free in the sacredness of the house. Merit, the patent and continuous proof of culture and inexorable commerce will end up uniting men. In Cuba there is a lot of greatness in blacks and whites. IntroductionIn the first lines, Martí presents the topic of racism, expressing that no one person is superior to another because of their "race" or color. Development Throughout the essay, the Cuban writer exposes a series of reasons to reject all racism among his fellow countrymen. An absurd superiority aptitude only causes enmity. He emphasizes the equality of public rights and ends by affirming that the greatness of his country resides in all his men, regardless of race or color. Guide and tips for writing an essay. Concept, characteristics and examples Examples of critical essays Literary essay. Enter a valid email Thank you You are already subscribed!

But neither recognize that it is a verse of John Ashbery, great American poet, helped to reduce some uncomfortable feeling of kitsch. Style: How the man who did not read romance novels did a rose anthology. Focused on the reader: that attractive books will arrive at his hands -also in his work, by careful illustration-, contributing to a greater enthusiasm for the literature of the patio. Also, as a stimulus for creation within such narrative currents, in the case of national authors. This term comes from the urbanism and designates the transformation of certain neighborhoods of impoverished flourishing, as a result of the arrival of new settlers with higher purchasing power. Perhaps persecuted by the macho prejudice that most of its readers come from the female ranks, has not yet touched the time of the makeover for the so-called "pink novel". Hence, the trilogy should be closed with an island in pink. So that this sounding at the heart of the Cuban narrative of the new millennium will point to the pattern of all feelings. In short, as many writers think, the history of literature is a swarm of variations about a few very important issues. Although on the surface they are distinguished by the presence of a couple of lovers, that is, a single member who suffers from deep affection; even, that the passion exists divided in triangle. Now that the cause of "diversity" is embraced and sexual identities in contention multiply; Maybe you can appreciate if one story is heteronormative, and the other of a homoerotic nature. That's what all the love stories are about. It does not occur to anyone to make the story that nobody would want to read. Or simply boring. But there is, yes, an element that radically divides the love stories into two opposing variants. If it ends well or if it has a terrible ending. And from this circumstance eximia can depend, even, the place that this little love story occupies in the great history of literature. Otherwise, the harsh judgment is served: "There are no happy endings beyond Hollywood." Cabrera Infante proposed using the same term in Spanish; but the difficulty arises that "romance" already designates the stories of fiction in verse, typical of medieval times. And to say "romantic novel" brings confusion with the works procreated in the historical stage of Romanticism. 31 million copies sold around the world for a saga of erotic novels, which began as an exercise in fan fiction1 from another editorial success. So a second element is the role that the internet plays in the revelation of novel writers and their titles, and in the consequent international diffusion. Because that is an unmistakable pink novel, with the only additive of vampires and werewolves. But it does not fit only the "bloodsuckers"; practically anything is thrown into the mixer next to the essential love ingredient. To the overwhelming popularity of Chick-lit much have contributed the cinema and the series of television. For example, the anthology Ay, amor. It is only pornography disguised with beautiful words. Strange way to start an anthology about love; but it was already clarified before: current Cuban literature is not prodigal in the rosy; and it does privilege somber tones. On behalf of this, the author of "Black Painting" writes to show us his disenchantment, the dry skepticism that hinders the opening to the feeling of love beyond its instrumentalization in the sexual. To hell with this darkness. "It was time already, in such a long prologue, to comment on the texts that nurture the present volume. Roger comments that he is leaving, to meet with Matty, the one he met in the chat. The course may be played at random. Maybe neither for you nor for me, that the coin comes out of song. They may still choose a distant destination. It may be the cold peace of a pantheon where passion ignites. Where there was a pagan temple is enclosed the young monk put to the test; until the appearance of a creature with horns and goat legs but sweet features and "delicate attributes of male in the crotch". It starts as "a love in colors", although "it was evident that something was about to break. Of which, 38 men and 15 women. Among those summoned, 11 live outside the island. A boat up to the coast attracted by the fires of the homeless. Not yet: the captain refuses to take them aboard, on the pretext that they will sink the ship. Robinson claims not being able to abandon them, owes them life and illusion. But the captain clings to common sense. For this reason it is also called "derivative fiction" and it is a narrative practice that is very widespread at present, based on the development of the internet, web pages and personal blogs. As an anthologist, he has published the volume of tales Isla en negro. Crime stories and enigma, The hammer and the sickle and other stories and Island in red. Cuban stories of vampires and other lethal creatures; as well as he was in charge of the Cuban section in cannibals Volume 3. Anthology of the Hispanic Caribbean micro-book. The new Cuban police tale, among others.

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