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And remember: if you include a textual quote but do not give credit to the original author, then it will be plagiarism. In addition to placing the appointment in the essay, you must provide a page of references at the end of it. If you want to know how to place an appointment in an essay, read on to learn how to do it. If you quote a poetry, then you have to quote the poetry lines instead of the page number. 1 Place brief textual citations. You can enter the name of the author before the appointment or place it in parentheses at the end of it. You can write the page number at the end, without using "p" to represent the page number. Make sure you enter the appointment with some text. Do not start the appointment without putting an introductory phrase, but the readers will be disoriented. Use a few words to enter the quote and then circle it in quotes. You can also enter the author's name in the text instead of placing it in parentheses at the end. If you come across one of these, then you have to place the quotation in independent paragraphs and without using quotation marks. You can end the appointment with a punctuation mark and then place the author's last name and page number in parentheses after the appointment. When you cite 2 or more paragraphs, you must use quotations in blocks, although each passage of the paragraphs has less than 4 extension lines. You must place a 6 mm indentation on the first paragraph line. Put an ellipsis at the end of the paragraph as a transition for the following text. If you wish to quote a poem, or part of one, then you must maintain the original format of the lines to respect the original meaning. 4 Add or omit words in appointments. Put an ellipsis to omit any part of an appointment that is not necessary for the essay. 5 Place quotes from various authors. If you want to quote an extract that belongs to more than one author, then you have to separate the names with commas and the word "and". 6 Place appointments taken from the Internet. It can be difficult to quote Internet phrases because the page number is unknown. Even so, you should try to find as much information as possible, such as the author, the year, or the name of the essay or article. McKinney found that "100 adults who practiced yoga at least three times a week had lower blood pressure, better sleep patterns and fewer daily frustrations." He also states that "yoga is considered much superior to running or cycling as a method to eliminate stress." You must start quoting in another line, leave a 1 cm indentation on the right side of the margin and then write the entire quotation with that same margin. If the appointment has several paragraphs, then you can place an additional 1 cm indentation from the new margin on the first line of the other paragraph. Keep the double space throughout the appointment, quoting the pages later in parentheses, after the end point. This same rule applies to smaller tapes. You must quote the author, the year and the page somewhere, either in the introduction or in the body of the appointment. You must do the following: McKinney considers yoga to be a form of both physical and mental therapy. According to McKinney, yoga should be mandatory in all public schools. 4 Make appointments with several authors. If you do not have the author's name, then use the name of the article. as follows: Another study found that additional support after school is very important for student success. Advertisement Always quote properly. If you do not do it, it will be considered plagiarism.

There were several lessons that rich dad gave Robert, which were in 6 and were given during those 30 years of teaching. Being just a child, he had the opportunity to start learning concepts that would later become an immensely rich man. These concepts are explored through the pages of this book and arranged in lessons of a special simplicity and clarity. Robert's concern is to complement the poor school education in finance. The two guys are very excited, think how to make money and start making fake coins with lead. Then, the poor father suggested they look for another way to make money. Thus, completely worried and dejected, they went to the rich father to advise them how they could make money. This man, who was a successful business man, offered them a fabulous offer: to work efficiently three hours and earn ten cents for each hour. At the beginning there were no problems; but after some time Robert became restless and spoke with the rich father to offer him a full salary. The rich father managed to convince the two boys to work a certain time with efficiency and responsibility, without charging a single penny, so they could learn to value the money. And so it happened, they worked several weeks and after that, Robert and Mike received only the miserable salary of 10 cents. Then, the boys made their first investment in the magazine business. The poor father told the narrator that the best thing for his future was studying, graduating from a professional career to get a good job and earn a lot of money; instead, the rich father suggested working for simple satisfaction and personal investment. Robert Kiyosaki, the author, gives the essential guidelines for getting rich and suggests that you have to do several things. Kiyosaki says that they must acquire investments and not obligations. It also states categorically: "You have to invest more than take money." In this way the book shows us a nice way that this book is not a finance manual, but a set of tips that can be helpful for young and mature people of a new horizon or path. The poor earn and lose money, while the rich invest and own it forever. This book shows us about the economy, but something more important is to let us know, the difference between the so-called "rich" and "poor." If you work to earn money, you give the power to the employer. The second point is found in the importance of financial education because it is not found in school, but in the house or, in my opinion, in the street. Most of the schools educate our young people to be the best professionals with high academic knowledge leaving aside the money issue. That is why we see so many professionals who had good grades and yet are always facing financial problems, causing them great debts because they do not have the exact knowledge to make efficient and effective decisions. In conclusion, we must bear in mind that Financial Education allows us to have control over money and with it, the power to generate our own wealth. The current tendency that men have is to work for other people, get into debt and be a perpetual slave in financial and monetary terms, since that is what we have learned from our parents. It is a book that tends to break the paradigms immersed in most people in the field of finance. The conclusion is blunt, it is not a matter of one for the money, but the money must work for one. Personally I had to read Rich father, poor father during my college course or fascinated me, as it gave me a totally renewed vision of what I could learn at that stage of my life. If you are interested in finance, or simply want to give a new air to your way of thinking about personal finances and why work and where, doing this or that thing, this is a book that you will really enjoy. By uniting both, he was able to draw conclusions and great life lessons. Life is made of smart people who know Do business, they do well in life. Fearless people without aspirations will hardly achieve wealth. I liked the book because it is an invitation to get out of mediocrity, to think that anyone can achieve success, if he injects some wisdom into business and if he acquires financial intelligence. The way that remains is to apply the lessons referred to by Robert Kiyosaki, and the results will be seen on their own. People only spend their money without investing it in something that can benefit them. This book talks about something very important that is, that school does not teach what should be done in real life with the knowledge we acquire in it. Many very well prepared people with the best qualifications do not have a good job nor are they earning the salary that they should have with the studies they have. In the first chapter of the book he tells us about a boy named Robert who tells that he had two parents, one rich and one poor. The way his rich dad was teaching him seems good to me even though the child could not understand him and that is how he decided to resign without realizing that he was teaching him to work with his money.

Update: oO good idea, friend, thanks, inspiration, can be my best weapon. Thank you! And thanks to those who have answered me and if they use points and comas friend but... show more oO good idea friend thanks the inspiration can be my best weapon Thank you! Then using connectors: First, therefore, etc. Finally, in conclusion: according to the above you give a conclusion for or against the initial hypothesis: the hypothesis should not exceed 15 lines. You can start with an introduction about what an antichrist is etc. Think first of the question and then the arguments. Writing is not magic, there are no muses, it is always an exciting job but I work at last. second: to a good listener, little matter the commas. after all sometimes it is good to eat commas. second: to a good listener, little matter the commas. after all sometimes it is good to eat commas. third: if that is your branch I do not think that an amateur like me can help you a lot. I think you should focus on your own obsession. 9 answers Do you recommend books? 5 Answers Would you recommend books? I believe that this response violates the Terms of Service. I believe that this comment violates the Terms of Service. Cancel Report Abuse Sorry, you've reached your daily limit for asking questions. To ask more questions, earn more points or come back tomorrow. The questions must comply with the Community Guidelines. Error uploading multimedia elements You can try to add them again or follow and publish the answer. Error when uploading multimedia elements You can try to add the multimedia elements again or follow and publish the question. The uploaded image is smaller than the minimum required size of 320 x 240 pixels. Sorry, the file format is not valid. You can only upload images with a size smaller than 5 MB. You can only upload video with a size less than 60 MB. Generating preview Publish your answer. The uploaded video will be active after it is processed. The uploaded video will be active after it is processed. Sending request... This may take a minute or two.

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