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The detachment of an iceberg in Antarctica, the collision of two neutron stars and the development of artificial intelligence, among the highlights. The discovery of the collision of two neutron stars symbolized a major step for astrophysics. The crack, monitored by scientists since the 1990s, began to grow rapidly since 2015. The event itself has no immediate effects, but leaves Larsen C much more unstable. After taking 450,000 images, analyzing the rings of this planet and trying to understand the jets of water coming from one of its moons, the spacecraft was crashed into the upper atmosphere of Saturn. After learning by himself, by trial and error, he won 100% of the time to his predecessor. One of them happened in August. An international team used this method to repair an illness caused by a mutation in a gene. Although they said there were no side effects, their results generated controversy. New astronomical age Nasa For the first time in history, science managed to see two neutron stars colliding. The phenomenon, which occurred in a galaxy 130 million light years from Earth, created a rip in space-time that the devices of 70 teams of researchers around the world recorded as alterations in gravitational waves. The mysterious γ rays, which emit this cosmic event, explain the origin of the heavier elements of the periodic table, such as gold and uranium. Prohibited its total or partial reproduction, as well as its translation into any language without the written authorization of its owner. Reproduction in whole or in part, or without permission, is prohibited.

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His existence has been full, intense, full of events in which it is very difficult to differentiate those who only belong to his private life of those who have influenced his work. This waste of imagination and intelligence contrasts with his journalistic work, committed and serious. In order to summarize his life, it is best to do so using the most important dates of his biography and, in the analysis of his work, he can comment on everything that has influenced his most important works. He begins to study law, not by vocation, but to please his father who wanted his son to be a lawyer. He publishes Diario and La Hojarasca, his first novel in which his great fantasy is already appreciated. He marries Mercedes, which was the love of his life forever. He participated in the founding of Prensa Latina, the Cuban news agency. Very committed to the left, he already had a great friendship with Fidel Castro. He writes "The colonel has no one to write to him" in Paris, where he works as a correspondent. Without any advertising support the novel becomes a success and the first edition runs out in two weeks. It soon becomes a jewel of South American literature and one of the banners of magical realism. From here fame comes to your life and that will be noticed in all aspects. Write "The Autumn of the Patriarch." Gabriel García Márquez describes this book as an experimental work that has given her great happiness. Mexico was his second homeland, where he really wrote his most important works and where he always wanted to be despite having residences in other parts of the world. For many years he could not enter either his country of origin or the United States. Clinton said that "One Hundred Years of Solitude" was one of her favorite novels. In Colombia he was accused of financing radical leftist terrorism among other political problems and for that reason was not well received until after participating in peace processes, the Colombian government recognized his great contribution and his figure. He publishes "Chronicle of an announced death", about events that took place in Sucre during his youth. He is accused of having had something to do with them, although he was very young when all that happened. The Swedish Academy justifies awarding him the most important prize in the world "for his novels and short stories, in which the fantastic and the real are combined in a quiet world of rich imagination, reflecting the life and conflicts of a continent." This is just one of the many awards that Gabo has achieved throughout his life, but as evidently is the most prominent is the one that is included in his biography. He is diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, although he overcomes it and continues to work, getting to publish several novels, including his autobiography and the one that was his last novel. Publishes "Memoirs of my sad whores", which was his last novel. It is rumored that the writer suffers from senile dementia and the family denies it with a video in which it is seen that the writer reasons perfectly. However, this is not considered reliable evidence and the fact that there are no more public interventions of Gabo has increased the belief that his mind was no longer with us, at least not all the time. He has denied being a communist on many occasions, defending a vision of ideal socialism, based on equality and justice. Gabriel García Márquez was able to pick up the influences of magical realism and make his works reach its maximum splendor. But he was also able to perform a realistic journalistic work, committed and narrated in such a special way that some of his chronicles achieved enormous success as independent books. Although when his books are read his sense of humor, his recurrent themes and his sensitivity are recognized, Gabo's work is very varied and does not have a specific style. He is able to make each of his works have a different style. Violence, wars and human confrontations in general are one of the most important themes of his work. Magical realism Magical realism is a literary movement, especially in Spanish-speaking America, which consists of narrating supernatural facts as if they were normal, everyday things. Let's see the summary of some of its most important novels, leaving for a point and part "One hundred years of loneliness." The colonel has no one to write The story tells how a retired old colonel goes Friday to Friday to the port waiting for the arrival of an official letter in response to the claim made for his rights deserved for services rendered to the homeland. But the motherland never answers. In the words of the author "In twenty sessions of six hours a day we managed to reconstruct the compact and true story of his ten days at sea. Characteristics - Loneliness is always present, as a curse of the Buendía family, which does not abandon them throughout the entire saga. Influences "One Hundred Years of Solitude" is a novel that has influenced many writers. But even other writers as disparate and from very distant geographical points, such as the Indian writer Salman Rushdie, cite it as one of his reference works. In the following table, all of your stories are listed in order of creation and include where they were originally published. I have not included more compilations than those that collected the books in an original way, since it is so extensive that it is difficult to summarize. A very old gentleman with enormous wings 1968 The incredible and sad story of Candida Erendira and her heartless grandmother. The most beautiful drowned man in the world 1968 The incredible and sad story of Candida Eréndira and her heartless grandmother. The last voyage of the ghost ship 1968 The incredible and sad story of Candida Eréndira and her heartless grandmother. Blacaman the good seller of miracles 1968 The incredible and sad story of Candida Erendira and her heartless grandmother. On the one hand we find his articles and on the other his chronicles and journalistic reports, together with the essays that have given him such fame. When he was happy and undocumented 1973 Chronicles and reports that had been originally published in 1958. Chronicles and reports 1976 Compiles the first journalistic reports and reports of Márquez. For the first time too, Macondo appears. With this work he puts an end to his Macondo stories. Love in the times of cholera 1985 Novel based on the life of their parents. Gabriel García Márquez also has other works, such as two film scripts and various prologues to other books. But these are his most important works and those that reflect the importance that Gabo has as a writer. It usually happens that phrases are collected from a writer or a known character and they go down in history. That's why you should always take these types of phrases as something anecdotal and try to put them in the right context. Notify me of new posts by email.

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