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Because of inverted messianism, the colonial mentality believes that everything autochthonous is negative and all that is foreign is positive. For the ideologism because it prefers to handle conceptual abstraction and not concrete circumstantial reality... "1 This practice of denial is practically practiced by monopolies of disinformation in relation to whatever fact and event is linked to social struggles. All this has sought to be made invisible by the disinformation machinery, accompanied by the reinstallation of the nefarious theory of the two demons and the provocation so that part of society again take up the ridicule as an accomplice speech of "something they will have done". in pursuing and managing to impose Memory, Truth and Justice. State terrorism has come to occupy a prominent place in educational training. That is something that the practice of denial attempts to delegitimize from various sectors, fundamentally those linked to the responsibilities that have been placed on crimes against humanity. For decades, the oficialismos were trying with varying degrees of success, installing impunity as a background of practices and labels. When the National State took the flags that we had offered and claimed to each democratic government since 1983, the Messianics always wanted to lower the price to the collective heroism of popular memory and associate it with a party flag. Another of the denialist practices is in the use or not of the terms. Negationism is also the attitude of part of society that seeks to ignore the current reality that we are going through in Argentina. The national administration has become a "dictocracy", persecuting, stigmatizing both militants and institutions and social organizations that claim conquests and rights, justice and memory. Not only that the practices have the same ideological support denounced by Jauretche, but that they are recycled with the consent of the colonized vote. But let us not be deceived: Argentina has indicated with its struggle a place on the world map in which the abuse of power can not be exercised with impunity. Let us not take away our dreams of glory or our daily reality of irrevocable struggle. This possibility of dissemination has allowed and allows access to information previously closed or difficult to access. But since everything has its counterpart, it also possesses it in the proliferation of supposed information that is nothing more than the application of part of the strategies to manipulate and control, condition and dominate. It is there where a fierce, sometimes unconscious, battle begins to legitimize and clarify, deny and make itself transparent. In this battle, like those that were done by piecework when through pamphlets, leaflets, etc. it tried to clarify certain facts and positions, before the onslaughts of the disinformation conglomerates, today it is much more bloody and unbridled. Maybe we clarify something, but we do not modify what we are visualizing. So, how can we do so that our pretended decires can break that barrier that divides us? Because there is something very concrete and clear, that disinformation fence exists, it is bloody, very real and it separates us from those that were co-opted by the alienating manipulation. To resort to their same methods and strategies, is it an option? And what we try in this opportunity is not an answer or a proposal, it is about reflecting on the task we develop, repercussions and results. We need many times to reassess the task we carry out, because there are many opportunities in which frustration and disenchantment invade us and that is when we need to stop and see the panorama in all its dimensions. But that look, that reflection should not neglect some particularities, some details that are no less important in the evaluations we intend to do. Because we know concretely that, if we join to the silences, we would bother much less than with our interventions. And that is well known to the enemy, especially when he has at his mercy a social sector caught between falsehood and delegitimization. He knows this because his improvement in strategies of domination and control is already historic. But he also has full conviction that it is no longer very easy for him to distort or deny, because he has been planted in front of an endless informative battery that resorts to everything within his reach to tear down the deformative wall. Impossible to stay still, reflection is necessary but not paralyzing, reflection must become another indispensable tool to constantly rethink our possibilities of insertion in all sectors. Paraguay was going through its best moments in terms of development; but that the empire can not tolerate. Norberto Galasso and several others expressed in their works the cruel reality that this sister nation suffered. Of course, this is not free of charge, behind are interests to dismantle regional agreements in favor of the Trans-Pacific Treaty. If they achieved their goal, they would kill two birds with one stone, destabilize Venezuela and with it the rest of the region. You can see in different parts of Argentina how they resume the nefarious practices of the seventies. In this regard we must stop here to refer to the "new carnal relationships." The current Argentine administration has returned to strengthen very "deep" ties with the US government. and fundamentally with the southern command of that nation. 1 At the meeting held by the representatives of both governments "... it was agreed to resume training and bilateral training that will be carried out in regional and international maneuvers. They come demonstrating ineptitude and theoretical insolvency, liable to be denounced by such a lamentable practice that borders on the criminal. It is worth remembering that "... the Argentine life had a countless number of bloody disputes, with very few periods of social and political peace. All these historical situations had as a common denominator, to be at the service of interests foreign to the country. However, the positions, samples in recent times we have plenty, are often highlighted by their weaknesses. That knows him perfectly who develops strategies to manipulate and condition. If we take a concrete example with which to graph what we try to affirm, it may be useful to disrupt the latest events, their implications and motivations, their real backgrounds and intentions. The clearest and most concrete example could be cited in the claim of the judicial party for imprisoning Hebe de Bonafini. It serves as a message, as the detention of Milagro Sala also serves as a message. It is an attack on those who have built, in some way, with successes and mistakes, "popular power". In both cases the attack is against everything that tries to self-organize. Using that organization as an instrument to improve the life of the people. Without any intermediary, without profitability to sustain, without the logic of accumulation as the engine of what they do. That, for some, is unforgivable. And if above, is associated with the struggle for human rights, worse. It is not possible to generate all this in an "efficient" way if there is no monetary motivation. The answer of Hebe, well to his style, is "they suck me an egg". This we will continue doing. The protest demonstrations against these rates were "ignored" by the monopoly media of disinformation. As if they had premeditated it, they used the stupid intention to stop Hebe to hide from social exhaustion. Two themes that have had different developments and interpretations have been superimposed. In this way they provoke a quasi-confrontation between different social sectors. They manipulate them and they try out what the reaction is. We experienced a strong advance of the most retrograde of imperial power world, with its servile managers advancing unchecked to achieve the goals set, those with whom they intend to put on our knees to our people. In this regard someone commented that it was illogical how they were driving, that they are very clumsy when carrying out all the measurements in record time. They are not inexperienced, on the contrary, they have taken due note of what has happened in history. They do not ignore that the biological entity, menem, took almost ten years to carry out the imperial impositions. Before the recovery of resources and goods, guarantees and rights, they know that they can not waste time, and use all the manipulation strategies that may be within their reach. And among all this development of recent events and their particularities, the discussion regarding positioning is pending. There are frailties in the social fabric that prevent the consolidation of struggles to achieve the goal of preventing us from continuing to subsume in precariousness, abandonment, unemployment and despair. We lack the guts to face a despotic power, persecutor and murderer. We must strengthen ourselves in the conjunctural readings and transmit what is really behind each measure, each action. Maybe this way we can become really strong before the advance of the most nefarious of capital, of rapacious neoliberalism. Maybe because every trench is good to defend ideas. Perhaps for everything expressed and much more will be that we do what we do. The Club de la Pluma, over time became a genuine and serious proposal, promoting spaces in which to fully exercise freedom. They are all invited to join us, accompany us and share ideals, dreams and concretions. Norberto Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog, and receive notifications of new messages by mail. Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

What's left of the world 03:22 5. An instant of an afternoon 02:57 13. For this project, the idea of ​​recording outside of Mallorca was to look for something new. Dani Alcover, the producer, understood perfectly how to print the sound of the group without the transfer from the rehearsal room to the studio supposed an unreal and artificial result. Each of them puts the voice in their songs. Songs that tell direct stories and everyday situations, with love as essence. The concert will start at 23:00, while the entrance costs 5 euros and includes a drink. We had known for some time and we have devoted ourselves to secretly savoring the news. It sounds like what important records sound and masterfully transcends all influences to create a simple language, own and totally sweeping. Slow songs, meticulously developed, where there is no need or lack of a note and with an address clearly marked by maturity. and on CD. Soon, more news of the launch of this work and the extensive tour that will accompany it. And the best thing is that this initiative has only just begun. For this reason we wanted to close this first cycle with the video that you can see above, and that summarizes how well we have spent it during the trip. Undoubtedly, the perfect partner with whom to go on tour for those bands that request it. the party, both on stage and in the hall, became latent and made the room directly request the encores. There was an error in this gadget. Hill 45 is not responsible for the opinions of its collaborators Great nations have always acted as gangsters, and small ones as prostitutes.

Now, it seems that a great majority, unfortunately, has not been able or has not wanted to mature neither in its observance nor in its analysis. Even less, in some desire for transformation. One of the strategies that the dominant system uses to global level, is the lack of memory, the absence of those records that have marked crucial moments in the walk of humanity. The lack of memory has as a random tool the deformation of the story; about it we have referred in some other opportunities. It is not the exclusive heritage of these times, that of manipulating history and information. Today they speak of sovereignty when in reality they are auctioning off our territories to the highest bidder. We do not look back to inquire if what today crosses us had some background that allows us to better understand and act accordingly. We accept it as they transmit it to us and we remain submerged, many without knowing it, in the greatest ignorance. What they called "Historical Revisionism" was and is necessary and useful to understand what happens to us today. But both the disinformation machinery and corporations of all kinds, are striving to recover the lost ground in that of domination and control. Before a portion of the population that had begun to make reality visible, not the one infested by the media monopolies, in an accelerated way it has begun to reinforce the distracting strategies that allow to divert the attention. The continent experienced how terrifying a neoliberal process can be, experienced it and suffered it; and not long ago. And now he falls back into that criminal web as if he had never suffered it before. Nothing has been achieved to avoid repeated disastrous moments in our history. We witness how popular processes delegitimize and favor sectors that are closer to vendeatrism than to national loyalty. But it is not only the responsibility of the common society that has made it possible for those merchants of death to settle in the spaces of power. There are those who have taken off their mask and hypocritically show themselves genuflexed, when before they raised popular slogans. Traitors of all laya have mimicked the power of turn and have delivered, if they ever had, convictions and ideals. But nothing is free in history. Just as it has not been possible to sustain the image of supposed heroes of bronze that in fact were only promoters of a criminal surrender, neither will those who are surrendering to the global power of our present and future will remain and even less endure. Nothing is free, nothing, just missing the thunder of the people begin to make themselves heard to chastise those who have stolen conquests and rights. Some streets and squares have retaken the old imprint of protest and demonstration and little by little, as the veil of ignorance is unveiled, more people are joining the demands and the struggle that is brewing. But it is essential for this to happen, military over each and every one of those who still remain in ignorance and obfuscation for the ephemeral, the inconsistent, the unimportant. It is essential and urgent to articulate strategies to counteract the advance of ignominy on our peoples. Of us, of those who try to see a little further, of those who yearn for another possible and integrating reality, depends the possibility of reaching a better present and tomorrow for all our people. Suggestive title if any, especially in the times that America travels. Ernst responds quite directly: "The information media have changed, particularly the internet. But also the form of education, of movement, this causes that our mind changes, that we have difficulties to concentrate and to accept or understand arguments. This is exploited by the right because it specializes in using fear. They are using social fear. "It's an answer that comes from neuroscience. The person in question is a neurobiologist and social scientist of great trajectory. The system has historically used fear to dominate and control. But that fear does not go alone, it does not apply by itself. You need, to be effective, something very important to achieve the objectives proposed by the system: ignorance. Looking back on the history of humanity, we can see how ignorance and fear have been fundamental to control and dominate. By force, it was possible to impose fear and submission and ignore the possibilities of the organization to assume a force capable of putting itself before brutal authority. Hunger and epidemics have historically been their means to impose fear; suppose that both flagella were divine punishments, deepened the stage of ignorance of entire peoples. What has changed is scale, and strategic management. Fear of not finding what you are looking for. This happens because we ignore that the commercial system uses this engineering to control, direct, condition and dominate will and action; stimulus and response. This is the classic fear generated by paternal absence. But you have to do it there, with insertion in the social daily, face to face, organizing. So the only way is to be there, asking and questioning until the fear is deactivated. It is necessary to clarify that intellectual politicians only appear in the history of nations when the destiny of their homelands is at stake, when peoples feel the risk of their historical disappearance. Intellectual politicians emerge in history when the survival of the nation itself is threatened. Intellectual politicians emerge when the nation is in danger of death. They are fruit, and at the same time answer, of and, in front of that limit circumstance. An essay that we admire for its importance in that, in that struggle, the destinies were at stake not only their beloved little homeland but also that of all of Our America. On the contrary, the indigenous races are glorified... The thesis of the defense of the Indians is very noble. But very suspicious is the origin. To separate the indigenous or black masses, the Creole or white masses of the current Latin American Nation, is to accentuate the conditions of general enslavement and balkanization achieved until today. It is a campaign against the Latin American Nation. " Seeds that imperialism, opportunely, would water to make them germinate when it considered convenient. Of course, they are much more than a hundred years that we are manipulating the thoughts and consciousnesses, the supposed knowledge and many dubious claims. When they told you or they were teaching you, about a supposed father in the classroom, but they did not explain to you how they shit on the Indian and the gauchos, they were shaping your head so you would deny much of our identity. Of course, those who should have acknowledged receipt of such a social protest, are not, perhaps because of their manager under the unfortunate magneto chimentó something. And no, because no matter how hard you try, I can not understand how you can be like that, so miserable, so antipatria. Maybe because every trench is good to defend ideas. Perhaps for everything expressed and much more will be that we do what we do. The Club de la Pluma, over time became a genuine and serious proposal, promoting spaces in which to fully exercise freedom. They are all invited to join us, accompany us and share ideals, dreams and concretions. Norberto Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog, and receive notifications of new messages by mail. 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