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Like so many other writers, Inés writes her essay publishing it as an appendix of a work of others, in this case, of the translation of Johnson's English novel. The essential issues on which it deals is the condition and image of women and their education. The position that sometimes shows Ines about some aspects is striking, presenting her as a woman with a mentality ahead of her time. Make a modern speech, peek for example, highlighting the secular nature of their educational proposal, or their defense of self-love as a principle of good moral behavior. Therefore, Ines is shown as a lucid and nonconformist with the situation to which women were assigned, that despite having led a discreet and conventional life, faces with defiance and personality against this social scourge. It combines a maturity from his intellectual reflections together with his personal experiences, which allow one to empathize more easily with the author, and at the same time give seriousness and legitimacy to his work. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Google+ account. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. Young dilettante of History and other humanistic knowledge, with special interest in the studies of women. I hope you enjoy and learn with this blog. Create a free blog or website with Post to Cancel A% d bloggers like this:

Good writing, respectful with the reader, requires both processes. Some authors write the text first and then correct it; others prefer to do both tasks at the same time. Writing and correcting is - or at least I pretend - a window of leisure and knowledge for lovers of language and literature. And, why deny it, also my professional showcase. If you are interested in getting the most out of your texts, contact me. I will be happy to give you a quote without obligation. Tell me the number of matrices of your work. I would also appreciate a small sample of the manuscript. Here we talk about everything that has to do with writing. It is, in essence, a blog for lovers of letters. We devote special attention to fountain pens. Welcome to Write and Correct, a microcosm for lovers of books and everything that has to do with writing. They do not have another common denominator among themselves than the signature of a Latin American author and his literary quality. One of those unfinished books is The Castle. Said surveyor soon discovers that he is not well received and that he can not stay there. In the end I ended up accepting that disheveledness as his brand of style. But to what we are going: "Lonely hearts". The same goes for Moleskine agendas, always so sensitive to what the market demands. It is enough that you rise to the point of that prostration where a bad event has left you, grab the spear and mount again in your faithful nag. The new titular doctor had already come to replace him. Up the staircase, narrow and dark, the four floors, since there was no elevator. It was a tenement house, very old in a peripheral neighborhood, in a devastated area, badly lit and that had to be reached by a wasteland. From the landing, dark, smelling of poverty and boiled vegetables, he called the only door there. A little girl opened it with a gesture of waiting for him, since he did not ask any questions when letting him pass. Buy yourself a fountain pen.

has the involuntary deference to read them. In the project in which I currently work, I had to send a note to the client indicating that the way forward with respect to a technical topic was not the happiest. The product resulting from such elaboration was a short mail with some "bullets" indicating inconveniences. It was meditating on the previous thing that I realized that what was done was totally inefficient. That, besides the content, the form and the structure are of the same importance at the time of structuring what is thought to say. The premise, then, is to use the structure of the essay to think on paper. The essay is widely used for the purposes of the instruction of those who write. So the perverse purpose of school assignments does not lie in content but in form and structure. It is an exercise in gathering information, organizing ideas and arguing. In fact, the essay can be considered as the most elementary form of discursive writing. The structure of the essay, independently of its content, consists of three basic parts. Namely, the introduction, the body and the conclusion. This structure is so elementary that if one of its parts is omitted, problems of the same nature arise. To visualize the simple structure of the test, the following sketch can be used: The thesis forms the pate of the introduction. It consists of the opinion or position with respect to the topic treated in the essay. If there is no position or opinion of the author, there is no thesis, no thesis, no essay. This is so simple, regardless of the details, data or explanations we have. Having said that, it can be affirmed that the essay is not merely informative but takes a particular position with respect to a topic. A practical way to consider the above is to think what question we want to answer with our thesis, for example, what do I want readers to know or do? If we can answer our questions then we will have a thesis. The thesis must be clear and concise. To the extent possible, it is desirable to avoid common mistakes such as: Avoid providing excessive background on the subject in the introduction. Avoid the heavy hand, that is, excessively controversial statements. Avoid humor, since it is a complex form and, in case it does not work, ruins the purpose. In the body of the essay the elements of the thesis presented in the introduction are elaborated and defended. Present arguments, evidence taking into account possible objections, counter-arguments or negative evidence. We must remember that to prove the opposite position is wrong does not mean that ours is the correct one. In some way, the body of the essay exposes the pros and cons. Three rules are suggested to order the pros and cons: To make the potential concessions to the arguments opposed to ours as early as possible in the development of the body. Dedicate at least one paragraph for each "pro" of our argument. Reserve the best argument in our line of reasoning for the end. So, if we have to summarize how to build the body of an essay, it could be subdivided into elaboration, illustration and argumentation. The illustration refers to the concrete exemplifications, in such a way that the body does not become a set of abstractions one after the other. This also allows the reading to be easier. The argument, contains, of course, the reasons or justifications for which an opinion is given or a position has been taken with respect to the subject in question. The argument allows to make inferences about the arguments. The issue of inferences is not minor and will be treated separately. A critical aspect about the legibility of the essay is the connections that are made between the paragraphs. There are three elements that are relevant when writing the conclusions. In the first instance, rewrite the thesis of the introduction. Summarize the allusions made during the body of the text and, finally, the conclusion and close to the essay. There is more to say about this and I have more notes, so I am likely to update this post. Although what is written above is elementary, it is not trivial to do it in practice. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your account of Google+. Cancel Connecting to% s Notify me of new comments by email. The notes published here and all associated comments are mine and do not present the position, strategy or any form of thinking of my employers. If I have committed some outrage due to lack of skill in the selection of words or my opinions, please take it with dissimulation. Create a free blog or website with Error checking email. Please try again Sorry, your blog can not share posts by email.

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