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An article in which I will not talk about the formal aspects of it, but the whole process in general to get to write a well-documented, coherent and very personal essay. It is true that this first step sometimes does not depend exclusively on ourselves, but that the subject of the essay is already given by the teacher. However, we are free to choose the approach we want to give you. The essays that are carried out as school work are usually short, usually one or two pages long. Trying to cover a subject that is too long will ultimately not contribute anything, but taking an aspect of it can help us to perform a very interesting and original work. For example, imagine that we are being asked to do a two-page essay on "Equal rights for men and women today". The topic is interesting but certainly very extensive since we can talk about equality in the work field, in the family field, the evolution from the generation of our parents to ours and endless approaches. In this way you will perform a much more personal essay with a more interesting content but without missing the topic that you have been asked to play. The next step in order to perform a good test is to document well on the subject that we will discuss in it. This documentation can be obtained through traditional methods, by going to a library and consulting books or we can do it through the Internet. This does not mean that all blogs or pages that do not have a backup are false, we simply do not know and therefore we must read them in a critical way. A good source of information are the doctoral theses that are often published on the web in the pages of the universities, since they are usually very well worked and contrasted. 3) Never stay with a single point of view = Consult at least three different sources will help us verify that the information we handle is true. If the data we find is in conflict we should investigate further until we are sure that what we affirmed in our essay is true. It may also be that there is no single position since there are issues on which opinions are cast, not absolute truths. Knowing different points of view and reflecting them in our writing will greatly enrich the essay. Do not forget that it is well born to be grateful, so always indicate what your references have been when doing a job. You should not forget that one of the keys to an essay is that this is a personal writing. When reading about a topic and documenting it you should always do so by getting involved and forming an opinion about it. The difference between an essay and an exhibition or treatise is that the essay is something more intimate and must have the author's touch. In this field be careful with the following points: 1) It is very important that when expressing your own opinion, you clearly differentiate it from what is data or quotations. Nobody believes something because it gets up in the morning with that certainty. Having your own opinion will help you develop a hypothesis and defend it throughout the trial. Even the most reputable writers draw up a schema before starting to write a text as this helps the final result to be the one sought. If there is any important aspect that you want to put in the introduction of the essay you should also include it here. In the conclusion do not write anything, because this will only be clear once you have finished your essay and see what aspects are what you want to leave highlighted at the end of it. As you prepare the essay you will see what points to touch in the conclusion and you can go writing them down. 2) Distribute well the amount of lines you will use for each part of the trial. Remember that the bulk of it must be the body and that the conclusion is, as a rule, the shortest part of it. It is not only important what is said, but also how it is said. When we write we must do it in a clear way, easily understandable to everyone, because if the reader is not able to grasp our message, the work will have been useless. To do this remember: 1) If you are not fluent writing is best limited to short phrases because the longer the wording of a sentence is easier to end up losing and making mistakes. 2) Remember to review the spelling of the text and punctuation well. It is convenient to read the essay in high to be able to realize if some words have been repeated in excess and if the points and commas have been well placed. With these tips you will achieve a good test with great ease and by your own means. How to do the development or the argumentation. Notify me of new posts by email.

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The content matters but without attracting attention, it will not receive the attention it deserves. There are some words and expressions that can give you better results than others.. No doubt the quality of content matters in a blog.If you do not create titles that get attention you probably will not get the number of visits that the post deserves Creating headlines that generate clicks on social networks is not as complicated as you think, yet there are other factors that are relevant Factors that influence the virality of a post other than titles The title is important to cause the "click" and generate traffic You have to meet your expectations in order to not disappoint, Virality is not generated solely through the owners, it is only the first push to that the visits arrive once the entry in your blog is published. The following factors are essential to obtain high coverage with your post: Number of followers: the size does matter in social networks. The quality and originality of the content: you have to be able to provide curious and interesting ideas. The worst thing is to defraud with a title that draws attention but then does not meet expectations. Good timing: take advantage of the relaxing moments of your followers. In my case it's 11 o'clock at night when people have already dined and enjoy tweets watching TV in parallel. It's when I get more clicks on my tweets. The trick is to find the perfect composition of words and expressions Although it may not seem like it, the creation of titles gives for a complete series of posts. I have experienced a lot with this topic and have identified 20 words and expressions that work better than others. How to create improve get... 2. It is important to try different combinations to see what works best. It is not an exact science so it is necessary to develop the ability to design the perfect title based on intuition and experience. Test, error and correction: even if you have published a post with a title, you can change it if you realize that it does not generate the interest that you expected If you have a critical mass of followers on Twitter, you receive very fast feedback. With less followers you simply have to do tests in a longer term to obtain a valid feedback. Twitter as a test platform: I usually do small pre-tests testing my title by announcing my post in a "Typing" type tweet. If you do not receive favorites or retweets, I'll change it when I launch it. Short titles are better than long: as I said this is not an exact science so long titles can also work. If I take the average the shorts have more retweeets than the ones with more characters. Try not to exceed 100 characters, since in tweets people can add their own comments. Maybe you have identified other magic words apart from those mentioned in my post. I launch projects, create companies, write books and run marathons. If you want to know the things that I have not mentioned, you still have to keep reading. It is clear that the title is the first and most important call to action. I - Cultivation methods As you can see none are a prodigy of ingenuity, but in very few words clearly indicate what counts the post. The bloggin is an art to reach the subconscious of the reader. Blogs like this are what motivate me every day more to work on the internet. I am looking for a course to make a viral affiliate store blog. Warn me yes, you know of some good. I also contribute the concept "Keys to", which, from my experience, also works quite well. Reply ↓ Ricard April 5, 2017, 8:02 am Congratulations on the article and the comments that are great. I have been in charge of this web since very recently and I have realized that it does not position well for several reasons and that of the titles is one of them. I would be grateful to any of you to give me some ideas of attractive titles according to the theme of the web that although it is attractive "hypnosis" there is a lot of competition. Although many similar titles are found. I will try to give shape that makes a difference. Reply ↓ ← subsequent comments Your email address will not be published. half dose of champix - how to smoke a pipe, nuzubiges said: how to prevent smoking.

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